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A J Uttam

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ajuttamSindhi Literature Encyclopedia: A J Uttam - Pioneer of Sindhi Literature

A very rare class of people can be classified as the true devotes of language and literature and Hyderabad Sindh born [16-12-1923] Assandas Jethanand Uttamchandani, more popularly known as "A J Uttam" is surely front runner for this rare class. In his own words his love for Sindhi language and literature have roots with influence of his mother and out spoken nature of his father. His ability of organizing and memorizing things has brought "Encyclopedia of Sindhi literature" fame for him. During the school days he was the person behind the formation of Hyderabad student Union in the year 1941. Those were the days of high tides for the waves of Independence and every corner of country was supporting Mahatma Gandhi and Quit India Movement. He participate in Quit India movement on 9 August 1942 and was sent to prison for one year.

Young Assandas, who has started writing short stories, essays and even literature research articles and critic view at the tender age of 18 years,  His college education started at D G National college where he edited college magazine "Phuleli" during 1946-47 but as this was not sufficient to meet with literary thrust this young have, so in the same year 1946 he established a group of progressive writers at Hyderabad and started interacting with famous sindhi writers, poets and artist like Prof. M U Malkani, Prof. Gehimal Moolchandani, Tirth Basant, Kalyan Advani & Gobind Malhi.

One of his short story with anti-dowry background "Taraki-a je raha te" (On the path of progress) proved mile stone of his life as young beautiful girl Sugani Narwani become attracted towards him and both got married on 14-11-1947, with time she also got fame in same field of sindhi literature for being known as the famous sindhi novelist Sundari Uttamchandani.

Like the other millions of Sindhis he also forced to migrate India, after the riots broke in Hyderabad and was forced to complete his M A at Mumbai in 1949 and in the same year started working at Bombay Secretariat but this doesn't prove hurdle for his love and dedication towards the Sindhi language & literature. He started a monthly "Naeen Duniya" and was the Gen. Secretary and Vice President of "Sindhi Sahit Mandal" which was treated as first premier literary and cultural organization of Sindhis in India. The mandal was not only encouraging upcoming sindhi writers, Sindhi literary and cultural activities but eventually was instrument for the Sindhi language recognition movement in 1952 and as a result in 1957 Sindhi was recognized for Sahitya academy Awards & preprograms on All India Radio [now known as Aakashwani].

He was also co-editor for weekly "Sindhu Dhara" from 1959 to 1967 and was the founder General Secretary of "Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha" established in 1959. He was also editor of Sindhi dailies "Sindhu Samachar" [1973 - 1975] and "Sindhu Sansaar" [975 - 1978]. In the year 1973 during World Writers Conference in Russia he not only meet with other famous writers like Narayan Surve [Marathi Peoples Poet], H. R. Bachchan, Bhisham Sahni, and Bengali writer Subhash Mukherjee but was also amaze to see the love, affection and respect Russian people have for Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi.

During his well illustrated literary career, AJ Uttam has wrote over 100 short stories, many of which are included in his two books "Kashmkash" and "Hoo Jehan hi Manu" along with 15 books of essays. His most famous book is Sindhi Kahani Nataku Ain Tankida on the topic of historical & critical evaluation of stories, drama and criticism. Some of his books are prescribed in University syllabus. He died on 03-01-2005.

List of Books by A J Uttam

Starting from first book Sarhad Jo Gandhi [1947] to last one Adab Ain Tanqeed [2003] A J Uttam has credit for 21 books. Here is titles of all these [in alphabetical order]

Adab Ain Tanqeed 
Bharat Jo Dost Lenin
Bharat Rus Dosti 
Frontier Gandhi
Hoo jehan He Mann
Lekhraj Aziz

Mahatma ain Lenin
Mangharam Malkani
Naon Cheen
Prof Kalyan Advani 
Sahitik Prakah
Sahitya ain Sahityakar
Sarhad Jo Gandhi

Sindhi Kahani, Natak ain Tanqeed
Sindhi Sahit Tankeed
Sindhi Sahitya
Soviet Surg 
Sujag Sind
Tagore Hika Jhalak
Vijay Lakshmi Pandit

A J UIttam – Awards

During the long literary carrier of 56 years [1947-2003] A J Uttam was felicitated on several occasions and was showered with cash Award of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 10000 by many sindhi social, cultural and literary organizations like Jiye Sindh Sabha, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha and Ram Buxani Foundation etc. He is also honored with

1994 Dr Sadarangani Medal
1991 Literary Award by Priyadarshani Academy and Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha
1972 & 1965 Soviet Land Nehru Peace Award