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Sahitya Academy Awards 2000 onwards

This section of Biography is dedicated to those sindhi personalities who by their intellectual and literary abilities have worked for preservation of rich sindhi cultural heritage and enhancement of sindhi literature. We are working on including biography of each and every Academy award winner Sindhi poet, Sindhi writers and literary personality in this section. At present of out of 48 awardee biography of more than 40 are already included. if you have info about any of them Do Write To Us.


Anand Khemani

About : Anand Chimandas Khemani Famous Sindhi Writer - Modern Sindhi Literature - Sahitya Academy Award Anand Chimandas Khemani born on 09 ...
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Dholan Rahi

About : Dholan Rahi Famous Sindhi Poet & Singer – Academy Award – AIR Sindhi Sahitya Academy has recognized the unmatched contribution ...
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Gope Kamal

About : Gope Daryani “Kamal” Famous Sindhi Writer - Poet - Novelist - Academy Award GopAsudomal Daryani, born on 09 November 1948 ...
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Hari Himthani

Biography : Hari Assumal Himthani Famous Sindhi Novelist – Academy Award – Ajmer When it comes to reflecting the pains of partition ...
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Hiro Shewkani

Biography – Hiro Tikamdas Shewkani Famous Sindhi Writer & Critic – Academy Award - Sindhi Adab Ji Tarikh Hiro Shewkani, Ex Principal ...
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Hiro Thakur

Biography : Hiro Thakur Sindhi Journalist, Research Scholar - Sahitya Academy Award Winner : Hiro Thakur 2003 and 2012 Sahitya Academy Award ...
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Indra Vaswani

About : Indra Harish Vaswani Famous Sindhi Writer - Sindhi Women - Sahitya Academy Academy Award Indra Vaswani born on 21 August ...
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Kirat Babani

Biography – Kirat Babani Famous Sindhi Writer – Sindhi Journalist – Sindhi Politician – Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award Winner Kirat Babani was ...
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Maya Rahi

About : Maya Rahi Famous Sindhi Writer - Sindhi Woman - Sindhi Stories - Sahitya Academy Award When on 16 February 2016 ...
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Mohan Gehani

Biography – Mohan Gehani Famous Sindhi Poet Mohan Gehani, Jewel of Sindhi Literature is on the list of recipients of Sindhi Sahitya ...
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Namdev Tarachandani

About : Namdev Tarachandani Famous Sindhi - Academy Award - Sahityakar Gaurav Puraskar Felicitated with Academy Award and Sahityakar Gaurav Puraskar, Namdev ...
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Nand Javeri

Biography – Nand Javeri Famous Sindhi – Writer Poet - Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award This was the 21 day of December 2016, ...
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Param Abichandani

About : Param Abichandani Famous Sindhi Writer - Academy Award Winner - Research Scholar Param Abichandani, one of famous short story writer ...
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Dr. Prem Prakash

About : Dr. Prem Prakash Famous Sindhi Writer Poet - Sindhi Drama - Academy Award Born on 02 August 1946 at Hyderabad, ...
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Satish Rohra

About : Dr. Satish Rohra Famous Sindhi - Academy Award - Indian Institute of Sindhology Satish Rohra, famous Sindhi personality from the ...
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Vasudev Nirmal

Biography Vasudev Nirmal Famous Sindhi Poet – Sindhi Drama – Sindhu Kala Mandir –Sindhi Gazal Today after almost seven decades of partition ...
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