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About Akola

Akola a major city of Vidharbh region of Maharshtra was famous as the cotton city. Presently Akola is known for the Grain Market, Oil & Dal Mills beside holding a very wast market of Grocery and Dry fruits.  Marathi and Hindi are the most commonly spoken languages of the Akola but still it is very easy to find a person speaking Sindhi language specially in Grocery & Dry Fruit Market.

Akola Sindhi Population

Sindhi population of Akola Maharashtra is about Twenty eight thousands. Most of sindhi lives in the area Khadan camp in two camps Pakki Kholi & Kachhi Kholi. In the recent times many Sindhi have shifted their houses to Baba Harsdasram Nagar, Adarsh Nagar, Nimadi and some other areas of the city.

Famous Sindhis : Akola

Here is the list of Famous Sindhis from Akola Maharashtra.

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Shri Anil Bakhtiyar
Shri Anil Pariyani
Shri Balraj Wadhwani
Shri Brahmanand Valecha
Shri Dhanumal Alimchandani
Shri Gautam Wadhwani
Shri Gyanchand Wadhwani
Shri Gopichand Dhanwani
Shri Govind Chandwani

Shri Harishbhai Alimchandani
Shri Harish Lalwani
Shri Harish Parvani
Shri Harish Rohida
Shri Jagdish Gurbani
Shri Jai Bullani
Shri Khatanmal Sadhwani
Shri Kishore Alimchandani
Shri Mahesh Hemnani

Shri Mayur Bhatia
Shri Mayur Khanchandani
Shri Nanakram Satnani
Shri Naresh Jagyasi
Shri Ratanlal Sadhwani
Shri Sobhrajmal Sadhwani
Shri Thakurdas Satnani
Shri Vinod Alimchandani
Shri Virbhan Kriplani

Sindhi Shan Akola

Here we are going to include a brief introduction of unsung Sindhi Heroes who by their social service and other achivements have brought moments of pride and hounor for the entire sindhi population of Akola city. CLICK HERE . 

Names included under Akola Sindhi Shan are :-
Sunilkumar Sadhwani
Shri Bharumal Mullani

Sindhi Doctors

Dr. Ashok Sadhwani
Dr. Gopal Mandhyan
Dr. Harish Balani
Dr. Mani Virvani
Dr. Padma Motwani
Dr. Pooja Sadhwani
Dr. Sunil Lulla
Dr. Sunil Thavrani
Dr. Vinay Virvani

pooja_sadhwaniDr. Pooja

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C A & Advocates

Adv. Anil Parvani
Adv. Murlidhar Santani
Adv.Rajesh Chawla
Adv. Sanjay Hiranandani
Adv.Vishal Panjwani

rajesh_chawlaAdv. Rajesh Chawla

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Sindhi Panchayat Akola

Besides the Akola Pujya Sindhi General Panchayat, there are six other Sindhi Panchayats at Akola. CLICK HERE for Akola Sindhi Panchayat Page  to know about office bearers and other details. 

Akola Pujya Sindhi General Panchayat
Baba Hardasram Nagar Sindhi Pujya Panchayat
Pujya Bahawalpuri Panchayat
Pujya Sakhar Panchayat
Pujya Sindhi Shahar Panchayat
Gurunanak Sindhi Pujya Panchayat
Jhulelal Nagar Sindhi Panchayat

Sindhi Dharamshala Akola

Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Nanak Nagar Khadan Camp
Baba Suratsingh Dharam Shala, Gandhinagar
Sant Kanwar Ram Dharam Shala, Baba Hardas Nagar
Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Nimwadi Camp

all of the above Sindhi community buildings are used only for the social activities of local Sindhis. Conditional Tourist Stay facility is available at S S D Dham for which contact Shri Sobhrajmal Rajpal Ji [8793481365]. 

Other Sindhi Institutions at Akola

Gourav Bahudeshiye Sanstha
Jhulelal Temple & Pan Poi
Sindhi Seva Samiti
Sindh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal

The Sindhu World Directory Akola

To include your personal and business details to this city wise Directory of Indian sndhis fill the Directory Form