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Arjan ShadArjun Mirchandani - Arjun Shad - Sindhi Language & Literature- Gazal

This doesn't happen usually that a poet or literature scholar have the same vision of looking at the romantic and painful sufferings of life with the attitude of looking at day to day life with same vision. If and when this happens the person can only be identified as the master mind.

This is to true depth and variety of Sindhi literature that we have one such visionary personality in the form of Arjun Mirchandani, most commonly known and famous with his pen name "Arjun Shad.

Arjun Mirchandani born in the year 1924 and started his literature journey at the tender age of 14 with some romantic poems. The romance went on to turn into patriotism as those were days of freedom struggle for the Indians.

His poetic heart get most effected from the pains and agony of partition and in the year 1957 published his poem collection reflecting sufferings of common person.

He was the first to complete his doctorate in Sindhi Gazal, the achievement is more significant as he has done it without a guide. During his career in educational field he kept on progressing and worked in various capacities such as chairman of institutions like NCERT, NFDC and the Sindhi Department in Mumbai [Bombay] University.

Besides writing of own he also translated many poems from the Russian language and won the prestigious "Soviet Nehuru Peace Award" thrice.

His poetic collection “Andho Doonhon” not only proved the best seller but also help him to get Sahitya Akademi Award and the Maharashtra Gaurav Puraskar.

His unmatched contribution towards the Sindhi Literature and in the educational field got recognition as he invited to work at an honorary position specially instituted for him in Jai Hind College as Professor Emeritus.

We at The Sindhu World feel honored to include this multifarious talent from the sindhi literature and educational arena. We also remember his as he has given us [Kolhapur]  two M.A. in Sindhi teachers by working as guide for two of the employees of Sadhu Vaswani High school Gandhinagar Kolhapur.