Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Asaram Bapu

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assaram_bapuAsaram (Assaram) Bapu - Sri Yoga Vedanta Samiti

Whoever or whenever the memories of modern time [after independence] saints from India will recalled one name is bound to pronounce with great respect, affection and vision of worship, Sant Shiromani Pojiya Shri Asaram Ji Bapu.

Over the centuries Sindh provision of non partitioned India was looked as the land of religious masters and spiritual leaders of not only of Sindhi community but of entire humanity. One such personality was born on 17th April 1941 in the village Belani of Nawabshah district as the son of Meghanabai and Thaunmal Sirumalani, According to Hindu calendar this was the first day of Chaitra month. Newly born boy was named as "Assu" who with the blessings of spiritual master Swami Leelashah is known as Pojiya Shri Assaram Bapu - Founder of several Sri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samitis (SYVSS) around the world with the main Ashram at Motara - Ahmedabad in Gujarat State of India.

After the partition of India young kid Assu along with parent shifted to Ahmedabad and was admitted to school at Maninagar but schoolings was not matching with the attitude and interests of the kid. It was the prediction of family Guru Swami Parsuram Ji, who visited their house when kid was just three years old that this kid will lead many people, spending their life in the darkness of ignorance on the path of spirituality, it also said before the birth of child in a strength saga father came to know about the divine powers taking birth in his family as this kid. Any way looking at not so interest in studies parent decided to arrange marriage but Pojiya Shri left the house and it was only after a few years that family was able to locate him. He got married with Laxmi Devi.

Though he was living life of common person but the fire of seeking the spiritual knowledge and thrust of self realization was on continued to grow till he meet with his mater Swami Leela Shah in the hills of Nainital in Kumau range of mountains. Swami ask him to go back and live life of common human being. Pojiya Shri returned back to Ahmedabad and in course of due time become father but the inner world was not getting the rest so he returned back to master Swami Leela shah. This time swamiji grant him permission to work for the people, guiding them on the path from the darkness of ignorance to divine light.

Assaram Bapu selected a place on the bank of river Sabarmati and constructed a hut "Moksha Kutteer" there. From the day one people started to turn in with large number for the spiritual teachings of him. Soon the fame of Pojiya shri spread over the globe and presently beside the daily teaching of spirituality on television Pojiya Shri is visiting many place through out the world for making common people aware of their religious and spiritual obligations and filling their life with enjoyment and realisation of truth and omnipresent God. Today there are millions of people from all part of the world are following the life style suggested by Pojiya Shri Assaram Bapu and the number is growing on daily bases.