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Sant Baba Gelaram

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Biography – Baba Gelaram

Jalgaon – Godadiwala Dham – Famous Sindhi Saint

gelaramThis is uncommon that one who is looked as saint by the masses deny the status but this was the characteristic behavior of one of popular sindhi saint of free India Saint Baba Gelaram Sahib who instead of being worshiped as saint always preferred to be known as social reformer and humble servant of humanity.

Born on 12 March 1930 in Sindh region of undivided India, Baba Gelaram were the true and dedicate disciple of Baba Hardasram often remembered as Godadiwala. Even before being forced to migrate to India Gelaram was married to Bindarandevi. In India he tries to settle down at Bhatapara situated in Chhattisgarh state. For lively hood of family of parents, wife, son and daughter he started a shop there. Though he was doing business but still at every walk of life he was illustrating his spiritual nature and faith in almighty. He was living very simple life and was highly modest while interacting with others. His heart and mind were not comfortable as there was desire to serve and do the needful for the old aged persons and underprivileged class of society in tandem of working for the elopement of social evils.

When he meet with famous Saint Baba Hardasram Sahib, a strange thing happen as he thought he has found the true master to guide him where as Baba Hardasram were looking at him as their successor. Before declaring Gelaram his successor Baba Hardasram has tested Gelaram under various situations and every time Gelaram were proving his worth. On the 18 October 1977 Baba Hardasram left the physical world and Baba Gelaram was sworn in as the successor and Saint of Jalgaon Darbar.

Baba Gelaram has not just carried out the works started by Baba Hardasram but also went on to construct Godadiwala Dham in many cities so the name of his Master remains alive in the mortal world for the centuries to come and works of social welfare and empowerment of under privileged section of society remains in continuation.

Baba Gelaram Sahib has turned the Seva Samiti into Sant Knwar Ram Trust not just to look after the temple but to keep the works of Baba Hardasram on going. Some of most significant works of Baba Gelaram Sahib are the extending financial assistance to poor families on occasion of girl marriage, making the advance health facilities available, to provide comfort to old aged person enhancing facilities at Old Age Home and started tradition of community marriage to avoid misuse of money during the marriage.

People of Jalgaon are talking about the spiritual powers of Baba Gelaram Sahib, according to one popular story once a devotee suffering from insomnia has prayed and Baba ji asked him just to concentrated on Nam Simran it was the day since the said devotee has went for sound sleep till last breath. This is also said that as this was the routine of Baba Gelaram to start the day with reciting Guru Granth Sahib and keep on pronouncing Gurbani during the day while doing the day to day work so almighty has given powers to his speech, whatever he speaks become true. Once sevadari of Darbar told Sant Ji about the paralytic attack of one of devotee at that time Baba Gelaram were at Satsang and meanwhile the Satsang said that they are sending their wishes for suffering devotee this was surprising that said devotee was not only recovered but lived a long healthy life thereafter.

This was the day of 8 December 2008 when Baba Gelaram left the mortal world. After the routine funerals his mortal remains were divided into four parts, one is kept at Jalgaon where as out of the remaining three one each was taken to Haridwar [Holly River Ganga] Nasik [Godawari] and Allahabad [Sangam of Ganga, Jamuna and Sarsvati] .