Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Baba Hardasram

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babahardasram01Biography - Sant Baba Hardasram - Godadi waro Ghanshyam

Sindh the land situated on banks of holly river Sindhu, beside being the place where world's oldest knowledge books Vedas were written, is also famous for being the birth place of numerous Saints, Sufis and Sadhus. In the Sindh Four famous Pilgrimage places Rohari, Ghotaki, Dahriki and Pitafin [Sindhi Char Dham] are known as the spiritual governing centers and holds the same religious importance that Four Dhams holds for any Hindu. From time to time these four Darbars have changed the direction of spiritual activities of the land.

Monday 5th December 1904 is a historic day as on this day a God intoxicated soul was born at the village Halani Bhalani of Nawabshah district as the third son of Rizankabai and Saburam Bhagwani. The formal education of this boy Hardasram was started in the year 1910.He was in the standard forth when he promised his teacher that he will never complain about any body or any thing and will remain satisfied with what he will get. In the year 1921 Hardasram Sahib passed the exam of Matriculation and after completing Junior Primary Teacher Course in 1923 joined the Government service as the school teacher. During the vacation [sometime between 1924 - 1930]Shri Hardasram Sahib were on the pilgrimage of Vasan Ghot Darbar Rohari, Where he saw Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sahib First time and at that very moment felt that Bhagat Sahib were the spiritual guide for whom Hardasram Sahib were looking. Sai Hardasram become disciple of Bhagat Sahib and started visiting various places with the group of Bhagat Sahib.

Life principles of Sai Hardasram Sahib were, speak truth and only truth, always be ready to do good deeds and work for betterment of others. Since the school days he was loving and feeding animals and birds specially dogs. He used to share some of his daily food with dogs, with the growing age he learn to serve deprived blind and elderly persons of the society. Sai Hardasram Sahib were believers that we are travelers on the earth so we must not think of comforts but must think only achieving our aim of spiritual freedom. He was used to carry on his shoulder a Godadi [Bed] which made him famous as Godadi Waro Saint. He was used to pronounce "Satnam Sahai Kami Na Kai" and bless devotee with Tungur Paiso [old Indian currency 64 paisa equal to one rupee]. 

After the partition all other three brothers of Sai Hardasram migrated to India but he opted to live in Sindh though in 1949 he visited India on traveler visa but it was in 1953, when Sai Pesuram [son of Bhagat Kanwar ram] visited Pakistan and brought Sai Hardasram and Sai Govindram permanently to India. Sai Hardasram was feeling uncomfortable at Amravati, he also spent some time at Ahmednagar with younger brother Pribhdas but finally settled at Jalgaon. He established Sant Kanwar Ram Seva Mandal trust at Jalgaon, to help and serve elderly person and woman.

Once some devotee ask Sai about the marriage and Sai smilingly replied that he had two wife one Guru Bhakati, living in the heart and another is wealth serving the needy people. Sai Hardasram Sahib always asking to devotees to share their earnings with the trust. Though he was against the use of spiritual powers in day to day life but he made a well at Jalgaon full of water previously the well was to give only 8-10 buckets of water but since the day Sai added a tumbler of water to the water of well it become unlimited water source for the city.

On 18th October 1977 Sai Hardasram Sahib left us for heavenly abode. His physical appearance disappears but his works are continued. Devotees from all over the world are gathering every year at Jalgaon for the annual Varsi Utsav of Sai and worshiping Godadiwaro Ghansham Sai Hardaram Sahib.