Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Balaghat -Chaliho

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Chaliho Sindhi Festival

Chaliho is one of the most celebrated Sindhi festival which is eventually a fast lasting for forty long days. At Balaghat a city in Madhyapradesh These forty days are celebrated with all the dedication to Sindhi deity water God Bhagwan Jhulelal Sahib and with enthusiasm. 
bght_chalihoThe tradition is as old as the existence of Sindhi community in the city. There is very impressive temple of Varun Devata Bhagwan Jhulelal Sahib at Sindhi Colony and Since last seven years Sindhu Sewa Mandal and Prem Prakash Mandal are taking efforts for making the celebration more and more gracious. Both the mandals are also concentrating on increasing the number of devotees agree to observe religious rituals during these 40 days and more and more involvement of local Sindhi community. 
Here at Balaghat Chaliho Sahib celebration Starts on 16 July and ends on 25 August. During these forty days morning and evening prayer is made at temple with recitation of Panjada [Devotional songs dedicated to Lord Jhulelal] and other devotional songs. This involve a huge gathering of local Sindhi community not only those who take oath of keeping fast during 40 days of Chaliho celebration but also others remains present at this occasion. 
On every Friday langar is arranged for all. some many times sindhi saints from Chakarbhata, Jaipur and other cities visit Balaghat for this celebration. If any native sindhi family wish to take out procession of Bahrana Sahib from their own residence both the mandals come forward to help them in all the ways. 
After completing Chaliho fast days, Grand procession of Bahrano sahib is  taken out from temple to shores of river Van where Akho and sesa is offered to God. 
We acknowledge help of Shri Mahesh Pamnani for above information.