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Besan Basar

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sindhifoodBasen Basar


Like the potato, onions are also the most consumed vegetable of Sindhi Kitchen and very essential part of sindhi food. Beside the normal use of onion sindhi people are used to prepare many dishes from the onion with in combination of several other vegetables and even with fish.

Basically these food stuffs are known as Sauel Bhaji, which is signatory sindhi vegetable prepared from onion and often named after the other vegetable used like Karela Basar and Bhindi Basar [onion] etc.

Basen Basar is typical Sindhi food and often served with rice or Phulka [Chapatti]. This is easy to cook dish and is typical fragrance of Sindhi Kitchen. At some of Indian cities Basen Basar is called as Kachodi Basar.


For Tikiyun : Besan [gram flour], Khaskhas, Jero, red chilly powder, Salt and some water.
Other Ingredients : green coriander leaves [chopped], green Chilies [chopped], , oil Sliced onions, tomato chopped and sliced, turmeric powder, coriander powder.

Cooking Process

Took the ingredients for Tikyoon and mix them well to get homogeneous mixture.
Take a small quantity of mixture and shape either circled or rectangular.
Fry these with few drops of oil on tava (Iron plate) till getting brown.
Took the sliced onion and tomato in cooking vessel add turmeric & coriander powder.
Fried Tikyoon, salt to taste do remember there is salt in Tikyoon also.
Allow to cook on medium flame till onion get cooked and Tikyoon become soft.
A few people add Tikyoon only after half cooking of onion.
Decorate with chopped green coriander leaves and serve hot.