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About Chalisgaon

A unique thing about Chalisgaon is that though Sindhi people have very less share in the population of the city but still present [2016] Nagaradhyaksh is Shri Bhojraj Punshi a Sindhi. Chalisgaon is a small town but have immense commercial opportunities as there so many villages in periphery of the city. Chalisgaon is famous for Patanadevi Temple illustration of Hemadpanthi architecture.   

Chalisgaon Sindhi Population

There are merely 400 Sindhi families are living at Chalisgaon and thus Sindhi population at Chalisgaon is about 3,500 [Three Thousand Five Hundred] only. Unlike the other cities here you will find two distinct parts of Sindhi Population, one belongs to those whose forefathers were native of Larkana Dist. and other in the Mirpur Sindh.  Most of Sindi people have residence at Sindhi Colony near the railway station. In the recent times many Sindhi families have shifted to newly developed residential areas like Shanti Nagar and Basanti Mill Compound etc.  

Famous Sindhis Chalisgaon

hundal_dembaniHundraj Dembani

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ram_dembaniRam Dembani

Dr Arjundas Kalwani
Shri Ashok Karda
Shri Bhojraj Punshi
Shri Gyanchand Talreja
Shri Hansraj Makhijani

Shri Haresh Kalwani
Shri Haresh Rajani
Shri Hundraj Dembani
Shri Lalchand Bajaj
Shri Narayandas Milani

Shri Pritamdas Rawlani
Shri Ram Dembani
Shri Rameshlal Punshi
Shri Sadhuram Gemnani
Shri Sajandas Vaswani


Sindhi Shan Chalisgaon

These are the true jewels who had brought pride for the Chalisgaon Sindhi community. To get introduced and learn more about the life and works of these sindhi personalities CLICK HERE

Names included under Chalisgaon Sindhi Shan
Shri Lalchand Bajaj
Shri Pritamdas Rawlani
Shri Haresh Kalwani
Late Jodharam Denbani
Late Chimandas Denbani 
Late K K Bajaj

Sindhi Doctors

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C A & Advocate

Adv. Kamal Jethwani

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Sindhi Panchayat Chalisgaon

There are two Sindhi Panchayts at Chalisgaon. To get familiar with social works and office bearers of Panchayat just click on Panchayat name. 

Puj Sindhi Panchayat
Puj Mirpur Panchayat 

Sindhi Dharamshala Chalisgaon

List of Sindhi Dharam Shala at Chalisgaon 

Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Sindhi Colony, Station Road
Baba Hardasram Dharam Shala Sindhi Colony, Station Road

Please note that none of above Dharamshala have facility for tourist stay.

Other Sindhi Institutions at Chalisgaon

Sindhis of Chalisagaon have established many socio- economic and  educational institutions some of these are listed below. 

Baba Hardasram Education Society

Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha

Navjawan Sindhi Sewa Mandal

The Sindhu World Directory Chalisgaon

To include your personal and business details to this city wise Directory of Indian sndhis fill the Directory Form

Sindhi Press

Sindhi Raja [Hindi Marathi Weekly] Chief Editor: Sou. Harsha Narayan jethwani
narayan_jethwaniNarayan Jethwani [9423902476]
He is a Commerce graduate (born on 15th July 1956), worked as teacher at Indira Gandhi Sindhi High School Chalisgaon & Head of dept. for Sindhi Language at Nashik divisional board. Narayan also works as Co-editor "Sindhi Raja" weekly. He is National secretary of Akhil Bhartiys Sindhi Patrakar Parshid and Rashtiya Sindhi samaj and President of Sindhi Raja Vichar Manch Chalisgaon.

Last Updated 02 Jan 2016