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Cheti Chand

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chetichandCheti Chand - Sindhi New Year Day

The most significant festival of sindhi community is the Cheti Chandu, also spelled as Chetari Chandu, being celebrated as the "Sindhi New Year Day" irrespective of geographical boundaries through out the world.

The usual tradition is that on this day Sindhis bring out procession of water God Lord Jhulelal, In the form of Bahrano Sahib, which goes to near by river bank where sesa is distributed among the devotees after offering "Akho" [prepared from rice & sugar] to Jal Devata.

In the Maharashtra either on the same day or one day earlier "Gudi Padava" and Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, is celebrated.

During the procession of Bahrana Sahib traditional sindhi folk dance "Chhej" is performed by all age group Sindhis. In some cities of India various cultural and other programs are arranged on the day to exhibit rich cultural heritage of Sindhis.

Video : Cheti Chand celebration at Haridwar

Modern Sindhi Youth asks

What does Cheti Chand mean?

Cheti Chand is the full moon day of Chetru [चेट्र] month of Sindhi Tipano, this is most important Sindhi festival celebrated as Sindhi New Year / Birthday of Sindhi Deity Lord Jhulelal through out the world specially in India by the Sindhi community. Cheti Chand is the symbol of reach and expansion of Sindhi culture.   

Historical Backdrop

Historically Cheti Chand is the birthday of Lal Sain Amarlal, deity of Sindhis hence this is the most important day for the sindhi community and celebrated with that high spirit and emotions. In the recent times this day is being recognized as "Sindhi Day" through out the globe.

The festival is celebrated on the full moon day of Chetra [Chaitu] of Hindu calendar. As the sindhi population is scattered through out the globe hence Cheti Chand is a festival celebrated through out the world.

Sindhis keep their shops and activities closed on this day and gathered at community building (Panchayati Hall) or at Jhulelal Temple, where after a session of singing deviational song, worship of Jhulelal is made and procession of Bahrano is taken out.

Cities Like Ulhasnagar, Ajmer, Indore, Kolhapur, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Surat etc are famous for unique style of Cheti Chand celebration and huge gathering of sindhi people.