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Chilo Bread chelobread

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As this is always suggested by the most of dieticians that breakfast is the more important meal, Sindhi community offer range of healthy have a food heritage to cuisines for breakfast staring from Dal Pakwan, Dal Mung, Sayun, Tarial [Tariyal] Patata (traditional sindhi food) to Chilo (Basen Jo) Bread (modern sindhi breakfast).

Chilo bread is not a strong traditional Sindhi cuisine. Sindhi community always shown tendency of being attached to their cultural and social roots but still showing tendency of adopting good food habits of surrounding human community hence food habits of sindhis are changed with time but still reflects an attachment to traditional food habits and cooking style.

This is several years after the British rule over the India that Sindhi community started replacing Bread Omelet with this sindhi snack Chilo Bread or rather more specifically after the partition and under the influence of South Indian delicious dish Dosa, Chilo bread entered into eating habits of Sindhi community.

This also can be said that Chilo Bread is vegetarian substitute of bread Omelet.


200gm Basen [Gram flour] , 1-2 medium sized Onion [Fine Chopped], 1-2 Green Chillies [Chopped into small pieces], 1-2 chopped Coriander leaf, Salt to test, 1-2 tablespoon oil for frying and water.

Cooking Process

Mix the flour with water to get a flowing solution.
Add onion, Green Chillies, coriander leaf.
Stir to get indigenous solution.
Add salt to taste and mix solution properly.
Put few drops of oil on hot frying plate [tava] and spread some part of solution in round shape.
Turn the side when become yellowish and keep on frying till golden brown color.
Serve hot with slice of bread.
In the recent times tomato sauce or green chatani are also served with this dish.
[Note : Some people also use chopped tomato and Capsicum while making Chilo.]