Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Dadi Haridevi

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dadi_harideviDadi Haridevi Vaswani

Blessings of ever mighty were once again merciful on the family of Sadhu T L Vaswani, the great spiritualist, visionary educationist, influencing speaker, master of language and above all a true humanitarian ever born in Sindhi Community.

This was the day of 26th November in the year 1915, when truly religious and God loving couple Krishnadevi and Pahilajrai Vaswani were blessed with girl child. Strong will power of mother and father's love for truth and sympathy for the poor were started influencing the childhood of girl and spiritual teachings of uncle Sadhu T L Vaswani has made her so strong, as she grow and become known to world as Dadi Haridevi Vaswani. Childhood of the girl can be narrated as a face craved with smile which often get wet with tears on observing suffering humanity reflecting the tender heart she have. Her schooling started at St. Josephs Convent, Karachi and this was her exceptional intelligence visible in spoken English and forced her teachers to call her for reciting poems. At the tender age of 14 she last her physical father and uncle Sadhu Vaswani started taking care of her. She become famous as "Sindhi Scholar " after being the topper girl candidate in Hyderabad at schooling examination.

Aiming to become a doctor to serve humanity she took admission at D.J. Sindh College with Biology but as her tender heart doesn't allow to harm any God creation and for being doctor she has to do dissection of various animals like earthworm, frog etc. so instead of going for the dream profession she chose to acquire B.Sc. degree.
By the time she complete her graduation, Sadhu Vaswani started Mira Moment for educating girls and she started working as First Assistant at the P.P.C.M. Girls School at Sakhar and afterward as the Headmistress of Mira school Hyderabad. This was hard to believe for staff and student to have such young school head but soon her administrative skills and affectionate behavior made her popular as "Dadi" elder sisters among the students and staff members.

After the partition of the country, Mira moment restarted with a school at Pune. This time instead of working for school administration she preferred to work for Sadhu Vaswani Mission and spreading message of her religious guide and mentor to different parts of the world and people from different walk of life. For the purpose she traveled various cities in the country and abroad. She also started to express her anguish and sorrow, generated from looking at suffering living world, through her writing abilities and excellence. Her first book "A Saint of Our Times” was a pictorial biography of the childhood years of Sadhu Vaswani. she went to write many books in English and Sindhi including full fledged biography of Sadhu T. L. Vaswani in English, which is looked as an encyclopedic work by many famous critics.

Sadhu Vaswani left the mortal world on January 16, 1966 and this happening proved a reason of change in her, She started Bal Kunj and used to spent more and more time with kids. Her fascinating smile, divine glow filled face and simple life were the prime charming attractions for children and she got a new name "Guru Ma" for her. People who spent time with her in those days recall her often spoken words

“Make your lives beautiful. Let in the light of love and service in your lives.”


“I wonder how people have the time to hate when life is even too short to love!”. 

She completed journey of her physical body on June 13, 2007, the day when humanity lost a prophet of love, Sadhu Vaswani Mission lost a very strong pillar and above all thousands of children lost their "Guru Ma".