Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Dahi Koki

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Dahi Koki

Dahi Koki is yet another signatory Sindhi breakfast, the only change in this Sindhi recipe is that now we are using onion also where as in the olden days Koki was made by using Salt & Back Pepper only. Yet another feature of the Koki is it remains fresh, usable and healthy to consume for more than 36 hours so still many Sindhi families on travel use Koki as the home made Breakfast or food. 


dahi_kokiWheat Flour - Onion - Coriander [Green Leaves] - Green Chillies - Anardana [some people use while others avoid ] - Salt - Water - Oil [about 1 tablespoon for each Koki] 

Pre Cooking Activities

Get the Onion and coriander leaves chopped finely. Cut the green chillies into small & fine slices. 

Cooking Process

Mix Wheat flour with chopped Onion and green chillies [Anardana also if you are using it] using the water make some what stiff dough of this mixture. 

Take a slightly high amount what you took for making Phulka [roti] and roll it to round shape. 

Place it on hot Tava. Gently flip the side. keep on doing this till radish brown patches appear on it. add Oil from side while heating.

Koki, instead of Dahi also can be served with Tea or Papad. 

Some uses oil while making dough as it help in keeping Koki soft.

Some people during the fever took Milk and Koki as main food.