Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani


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About Dhamtari

Dhamtari is a small town in the remote area of newly constructed state Chhattisgarh and is connected with capital city Raipur by a narrow gauge rail line. Actual the name Dhamtari is fusion of two Hindi words Dharm means religion and Tari means one who help to float. Basically Dhamtari was a shopping town for the near by villages and shaping vigorously in the same direction more since the 2000.     

Dhamtari Sindhi Population

Sindhi population of Dhamtari is approx. 3,500 [Three thousand Five Hundred]. 

Dhamtari Sindhyat Ja Sipahi

There are the well known social workers from the city who are also our local representative and our partners in promoting and preserving Sindhiyat.

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Famous Sindhi

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Sindhi Professionals

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Famous Sindhi List

Shankarlal Jagyasi

Famous Sindhi List

Professional List

Sindhi Shan Dhamtari

These are the Sindhi personalities of the city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth.

Sindhi Panchayat Dhamtari

Sindhi Dharamshala Dhamtari

Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala , Shastari Cricle

Other Sindhi Institutions at Dhamtari

The Sindhu World Directory Dhamtari

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App