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Dholan Rahi

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About : Dholan Rahi

Famous Sindhi Poet & Singer – Academy Award – AIR
38th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2005

dholan_rahiSindhi Sahitya Academy has recognized the unmatched contribution of multi skilled and multi lingual Dholan Rahi and felicitated him with Academy Award in 2005 for his book “Andhero Roshan Thiye”. AIR [All India Radio] and Doordarshan approved poet, lyricist and singer Dholan Tirthdas Morani is born on 6 July 1949 at Ajmer the city where is parents settled after migrating from Tando Bahawalkhan, Hyderabad Sindh in 1947. So he can be said to be the first generation of famous poet and literary personality born and brought in India.

M.A. [Sindhi] B.Ed. Dholan Tirthdas Morani “Rahi” is a teacher by profession and poetry, drama and singing is his passion. He started working with Adarsh Shikshan Sanstha in 1967 and served for long 42 years before retiring in 2009 from the post of lecturer. He got marriedon 24 October 1974 and is blessed with two sons and one daughter. Dholan is true disciple of famous saints of Sindh, Sain Satramdas Sahib and Sain Sadhram Sahib Ji, He has visited Sacho Satram Dham Raherki Sindh Five Times.

Dholan Rahi is also a popular stage artist and is part of more than 350 stage programs associated with Sindhi culture and music. He has a very good command over Sindhi, Hindi and English hence he also contributed Sindhi literature through his translation work. Dholan Rahi has also credited of being the editor of Devine Life and Daat Ain Hayat Part II a creation of eminent Sindhi poet Sada HJayat Narayan Shyam.

Brief Introduction

Full Name 
Dholan Tirthdas Morani

M.A. [Sindhi] B.Ed.

Birth Place
Ajmer Rajasthan

Teacher [Sindhi]

Date of Birth 
6 July 1949

Poetry, Drama & Singing

Contribution – Dholan Rahi

Dholan Rahi is multi skilled and multi lingual literary personality hence he contributed to Sindhi literature and Sindhi culture in various ways such as

Poet :
Aks Ain Parada
Andhero Roshan Thiye
Daat Joon Diyatiyun
Morpankhi Pal
Nenan Otiyo Neenhun

His most popular Sindhi Drama are: Heri-A-Sandi Hera :: Jahire San Tahiro :: Sahurani Motor

As a singer: a few albums / audio CD released by Dholan Rahi are
Asanjo Lado
Bhagtan jo Bhagwan
Cheti Chand Ji Sookhri
Kanwar ji Qurbani
Mor Lado
Shahani Shaddi

As a translator
Bankimchandra Chatterji’s Monograph (English to Sindhi)
Narayan Shyams Roop Maya (Sindhi to Hindi)

Awards – Dholan Rahi

Dholan Rahi has unique success of bagging Best Poet Award of Rajasthan Sindhi Academy thrice in the years 1986, 1988 and 1996. He is also selected twice at national symposium of Poetry by all India Radio. In 2005 he was honored with prestigious Academy Award by Sindhi Sahitya Academy.