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This is the new addition to website as in the older version information like List of Sindhi Dharam Shala in India, City wise Directory of Sindhis in India and Info on Sindhi Shan – eminent Sindhi social workers etc were given under different headings on different pages. There was no information about Sindhi Panchayat, the traditional and still most powerful social institution of Sindhi community. Similarly we were without space for info about famous Sindhis from a particular city. Considering all this we have decided to have two parts of previous one head The Sindhu World Directory. The First one is this City.

Here we will include info like impact of Sindhi community on socio economic life of city. Now you will find Information about Sindhi population of city, famous Sindhis and Sindhi Shan Personalities of the city, complete info about Panchayat and Sindhi Dharam Shala in city. We are also including list of other Sindhi Institutions functional in the city on the same page.

Now you will find this section more users friendly and easy to navigate for the needed information as all the information you need to know about Sindhi community is given under single page. We are starting with more than 100 cities from the 6 states of India. Namely

ChhattisgarhGujaratMadhya Pradesh - Maharashtra - Rajasthan - Uttar Pradesh

These are those states where Sindhi community has a bit richer population. For the rest of India cities are given under

North India          and            South India

The Sindhu World Directory – City Wise Directory

This will be the second part of Info on Sindhis in India and will be available very shortly as mobile app though like the previous version still you will be able to fill Directory Form on the website [link is given in footer on every page] for including your details to this city wise Directory. This will be a completely free downloadable App which will based on Android platform so you need to go to Google play store or use the link given on city page for downloading.

Please note that we are not using any information from our old data base so even if you had submitted your details any time during the last decade, you need to fill “The Sindhu World Directory Form” again for being included on the list of Sindhi from your city.

Names in "The Sindhu World android app" - city wise Business Directory of Sindhi in India will be included from the information provided by you while filling "The Sindhu World Directory Form” do take good care while filling the form. We are providing multi parameter based search so you can find desired info on the bases of city name, business, telephone number, Surname etc.

For collecting the information about various cities we need your support and co-operation. I will visit many cities personally. You all know how tedious, time consuming this task is? Considering our man power we are sure to complete this in next 10-12 months and would love to expand very shortly The Sindhu World Directory for the other cities [presently not on the list] of the India, but if you take initiative and support us, this might get earlier start.

I would like to take this opportunity also for thanking you all for the whole hearten participatory support from numerous Sindhi living in different cities of India and abroad, which encourages us to sustain and overcome with many problems during the last one decade of live existence of the website The Sindhu World. Please note that we also have social media links like Facebook, Twitter and You Tube where you can interact with us.

Once again thanks a lot for all those who not only remained in our touch during last 10 years but always boosted our aim of serving the Sindhi community in more better and effective ways.

Your views and suggestions about the website are our true asset, feel free to write us.
Satnam Waheguru