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Diyari – Deepavali

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About the Festival of Deepavali

Sindhi Festival - Biggest Indian Festival - Laxmi Pooja

diyariRose is the king of flowers, so is the Deepavali is the crown of all the festivals which is celebrated not only by Sindhis, Hindus but most of Indians and all parts of world where people of Indian origin have population.

Diyari is celebrated, precisely twenty days following Dussehra, (some time in October or November) on Amavasaya day of Asu month of sindhi calendar. The Usual celebration of Diyari goes for Four days, though at some places celebrations last for five days.

Celebration of this festival starts on the day of Amavasaya, a day with no moon in the night sky hence sky seemed to filed with colorful and sparkling lights of fire crackers and thus Deepavali is also referred as the festival of lights. Lamps & mango plant leaves are used to decorate houses.


Deepavali – Celebration Days

The first day of Deepavali is celebrated as "Narka Chaturdasi" as per the puranas this is the day on which demon Naraka was killed by Satyabhama, wife of Lord Krishna and reincarnation of Bhudevi, mother of Naraka, as per the boon from Brahma, Naraka can face death only at her hands.

Second day is "Laxmi Poojan" (Diyari) Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth.

The third day is Bal Pirtipada in sindhi Badu [Bhau Bij in Maharashtra].

while "Yama Dvitiya" (Chandu)is the forth day.

In the sindhi homes Diyari is celebrated only for three days namely Diyari, Badu & Chandu.

Importance of Diwali

As this festival is celebrated after the rainy season is over hence cleaning and decorating houses have some hygienic importance also. According to Puranas Deepavali is the day of return of Lord Rama to capital Ayodhya after the vanvas [living in forest] of fourteen years and to welcome the king citizens have decorated the city with the series [Mala] of lamps [Deeps] hence tradition of celebrating Deepavali was started.