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Dr Balram Sachdev

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Biography – Dr. Balram Sachdev [Tahiliani]

Famous Sindhi Eye Surgeon - Sindhi Writer - Chhattisgarh  

balram_sachdevThis doesn't happen usually as ever merciful Waheguru is not so kind with every human born on the earth. Dr. Balram Udhavdas Tahiliani - Sachdev from Raipur of newly formed Indian state Chhattisgarh belongs to rare class of human beings with rare, truly diversified talent and very high blessings of God. Born on 1st July 1945 in the Dadu district of Sindh [area is presently part of Pakistan] in a learned family as grand father Lokchand and father Udhavdas both were Doctors and mother Parmeshwari Devi was also well educated.

After the partition of the country, family shifted to Baroda, where his schooling started but soon family shifted to Tilda-Neora, where he went on complete his M.S. Degree from Pt. J. N.M. Medical college Raipur. His life is the reflection of very high influence of grand parents and parents, which inspired him for being Eye Surgeon and expert in the field of Migraine [Headache]. As he grow in the years his though process get influence with the life of personalities like Sant Vinoba Bhave, Baba Amte, Dada Jashan Vaswani and Mother Teresa this has created a thrust within him for working for the society and as the result during his long illustrated medical career he has rendered free service for more than 300 Eye camps held in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh and successfully performed about 30 thousand eye operations without remuneration. During his professional life as eye surgeon he had worked at

Shri. R. B. Hospital Rajkot Gujarat
S.T. N.M. Hospital Gangtok Sikkim
Gandhi Eye Hospital Aligarh U.P.

Mother Parmeshwaridevi encouraged him for reading "Bhagvad Gita" and thus spiritual vision included to life helped him in developing a helping and meaningful attitude for looking at human life. This specific attitude inspired him for sharing his thoughts with others and made him active with literary activities also.

During the schooling he won many prizes for participating in debate, Poetry and Essay writing competitions. During the Medical studies at Raipur he edited his college magazine and his many articles and poetries were published in different regional and national periodicals and news papers. He is the founder & Chhattisgarh state level President of "Samanvay Sahitya Parivar Chhattisgarh". He is columnist for "Akhand Sindhu Sansar" Sindhi Magazine, published from Bhopal and has participated in more than 60 Radio talks on various subjects broadcasted from All India Radio.

Dr. Balram is happily married with Vidya and both are blessed with a daughter Pooja. In his own words he has achieved real treasure of life in the form of "Eternal Bliss" through God gifted daughter Saubhagyawati Pooja & grandson Ayush.

Dr. Balram Tahiliani – List of Books

Migraine - Headache: Causes, Precautions & Management
Eye Care
Atma Vikas [Hindi Essays]
Tu Mujhse Juda Nahin [Hindi Poetry]
Kamyabi Ain Khushi Ji Rah [Sindhi Spiritual Essays]