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Dr. Dayal Asha

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Biography : Dayal Asha

Sindhi Intellectual : Multi Skilled :Dr. Dayal Asha

dayal_ashaDr Dayal Asha is a femos sindhi writer, singer and educationist . Most of his literary creations are in the Sindhi language but still he is recipient of Hindi Sahity Academy Award which show his command on the languages other than sindhi.  Besides being a renowned multi lingual author Dr. Dayal Asha has worked with many educational institutions and felicitated by various educational, social and cultural sindhi organisations from all parts of the world.  

Dr. Dayal Asha, Retired-Principal Of Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College of Ulhasnagar was born on 16 December 1936 in Khairpur sindh at Khairpur Meras as the son of Shri Kotumal Dhameja.

Dr Dayal Asha's unique achievement in education is that he is first person to complete D.Litt. in the Sindhi. After the partition his family settled in Ulhasnagar, where he Started his career as the professor for the Sindhi. He also worked as First Honorary Prof. Of Emeritus in Sindhi at Hyderabad [Sindh].

Dr. Dayal Asha a Multi Skilled personality who had worked beyond his field of education. He is the writer whose about 48 Books written in Sindhi , Hindi and English Language are available for the readers. "Saints of Sindh" is one most famous book of his which is published in all three Languages i.e. Sindhi, Hindi & English. He received Many awards for his Writings.

Dr. Dayal Asha is not only a writer and poet but is also a Singer, A collection of Ten poems written, composed and sung by him are selected by All India Radio and are being broadcast by Various Radio Stations in India. About Twenty Audio Cassettes of his songs are available in the market, the latest one is the SAMI-A JA SALOK. Since 1950 [From Student Life] he is active in social field also. He is Founder General Secretary Of Janta Janardhan Parishad, running home for aged people at Ulhasnagar. He is also Working as General Secretary Of Sunder Sewak Sabha Swami Sarvanand Hospital Ulhasnagar.

Dr. Dayal Asha – A Few Awards

UNESCO award for "Shall Ahda Lal Jaman" by Ministry Of Education 1969
New Literature award for " Bapu Je Baugh Maan" Gov. Of India 1970
Central Hindi Directorate award for " Dada Jashan Vaswani Jeevan Darshan" In 1991
Award for Literary Services At the Hands Of Rashtrapati Shri Giani Zial Singh at Rashtrapati Bhavan.
His Poem " Lalkar" was selected for National Poet Symposium by All India Radio & was Translated in All Indian Laguages.
His Hindi book " Vishvas Ki Mahan Vibhuti Dada Jashan Vaswani " was awarded with Hindi Sahitya Academy Award.
He is also recipient of
"Sindhu Ratan Award" [Twice]
" Jhulelal Awaed"
"Priyadarshani Academy Award". 

Dr. Dayal Asha – Other Works

Dr. Dayal Asha - Also Worked as the

Member : National Council For Promotion Of Sindhi Language
Member : Sindhi Advisory Committee Ministry Of Human Resources
Member : Academic Counsel University of Mumbai
Convener for Sindhi Higher Education Board Govt. Of Maharashtra
Programmer On All India Radio