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Padam Bhushan Dr. L H Hiranandani

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Biography – Dr. Lekhumal Hiranandani

Padam Bhushan Dr. Lekhumal Hiranandani: Famous Sindhi E N T Surgeon

ls_hiranandaniDr. Hiranandani , the pioneer of Otolaryngology in India, was born in September 1917 at Thatta - the land of Lalsai Jhulelal and the water god has blessed him to such a great extent that beside to overcome the poverty & to realise his dream of being doctor, He become India's most famous and successful E N T surgeon.

As the 1947 is always remembered as the most troublesome year in the history of Sindhis but many of Sindhis who sensed this troubled in advance and shifted to India were not only not suffered the pains but also helped other sindhi families who migrated in and after the 1947. Dr. Hiranandani's family was one of such family as they shifted to Bombay [Now Mumbai] in the year 1937.

Lakhumal Hiranand has completed his education of Medical Science in 1942 and went to United Kingdom for F R C S [Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons] . He returned from England in 1947 and joined B. Y. L. Nair Hospital as E N T surgeon, and become Head of the Department.

In the year 1972, when a complete and separate dept. for the Head & Neck surgeries was established it was named as " Dr. Hiranandani's Department Of Otolaryngology". He is the first person from the field of E N T surgeons , who was Felicitated with the " DHANWANTRI AWARD" in the year 1988.

His achievements become more significant if we remember that he belongs to sindhi community, A community in which first preference is given to business and education is treated as the step daughter. He was the first Indian who was selected as the Member of American Society Of Head & Neck Surgery. International Federation of Otolaryngology has felicitated him with " GOLDEN AWARD" and the surgeons of SAARC has chosen him as the "Millennium E N T".

God has blessed him with three sons Dr. Navin , who is taking care of carrying forward of his father's mission of healing and helping others at Dr. L. H. Hiranandani Hospital established by Hiranandani family on 22-2-2004 at Powai in Mumbai, while the other two Niranjan and Surendra are among the topmost building constructors of the India.

Dr. Hiranandani has never forget that he was born in the land of Jhulelal, who was born only to rescue the suffered and helpless people. On social service fronts despite being a busy surgeon he worked almost for eight months in 1973, when Maharashtra was under the situation of drought. During the 1993 Mumbai riots , he played a significant role for keeping the peace and communal harmony in the city for which Indian National Congress Felicitate him with " Maulana Azad Award".

He has also helped many sindhi Institutions, one of such is Hyderabad [Sindh] National Collegiate board- managing premier educational institutes like National college Bandra & K C College in Mumbai.

Government of India has recognized his services not only in the Medical field bust also in the social help area and awarded him with the one of the highest public award "PADAM BHUSHAN" in 1972. He died on 06 September 2013 at Hiranandani Hospital Powai Mumbai at age of 96 years due to age related health disorders.