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Dr. Satish Punshi

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Biography – Dr. Satish K Punshi

Famous Sindhi Dermatologist : Dr. Satish Kashiram Punshi 

satish_punshiA medical expert from the field of skin disease Dr. Satish Kashiram Punshi is world renowned personality and authority for the Leucoderma. He is one of the most famous author of medical books on the topic Leucoderma. He is one who is pioneer for introducing placental extract therapy in Vitiligo (Leucoderma) and winner of prestigious International Lions award for Leprosy eradication.

Dr. S.K.Punshi was born as the son of Kashiram and Guri on the first day of November in the year 1939 at Mirpur Mathelo of Sakhar Dist of Sindh and was forced to migrate to India like the several thousands other Hindus. He completed his Medical Dgree M.B.B.S. from the Indore and went on to get D.D.V. from Mumbai, his academic qualification also includes F.I.M.S. , F.D.S. (London).

Though being engaged with writing of Medical books and serving the patients of skin diseases, he being awoken soul always find time to spend for the social works and thinks about the development of deprived section of society. During his long illustrated social life at Amravati city Dr. Punshi is active with many social organizations like Amravati Junior Chamber [Ex. Vice President], Loins Club of Amravati Central [Ex. President] along with being the life member of Red Cross Society, Sangit Kala Upasak Mandal, Cancer relief society, Vivekananda Ashram Society and many more. He also attended many national and international conferences and at few he was the Guest Speaker.

Dr. S.K Punshi – Books & Awards

Dr. Satish Punshi is renowned writer of Medical books.  of In the Sindhi literature, He is the famous personality for being the Author of Biography of Famous sindhi Saint Bhagat Kanwar Ram and spiritual master Sant Satramdas Sahib Ji.  He has been feliciated with many awards including  All India Award by skin institute Delhi , Sant Kanwarram Award and Prof. Hasanand Merit Award.

Medical Books

1. Vitiligo – Diagnosis and treatment
2. Vitiligo and placental extract
3. Vitiligo – quarterly medical review
4. A Hand books of Scabies
5. A Hand books of Leprosy
6. Dermatology for general practitioners
7. Colour Atlas of Vitiligo 
8. Diagnosis & Management of Dermatology made easy. 

Other Books

Divine knowledge (A scientific approach to the study of Geeta)
Biography of Dr. A. V. Mudliyar
Sindh darshan
Saint Kashiram- Roohani Rahbar