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G P Sippy

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Biography : G P Sippy

Legendary Film Maker - G P Sippy - Sippahmalani

gp_sippyHindi films are not just the biggest entertainment industry in the country but a mirror reflecting true social changes of Indian societies. Unbelievable success story of bollywood, Amitabh Bachan has once quoted Films as the media of Directors and when it comes to directors/ Film makers surely name of G. P. Sippy [Sippahmalani] will appear on the topper list as Legendry, immense creative and history creator.

History of Indian film industry recalls legendry Bimal Roy two hat trick of Best Directory [1954,1955, 1956 and 1959,1960,1961] at prestigious Film Fare Awards, Rajkapoor for taking Indian Cinema to world platform but G P Sippy is recalled for producing a film which not created only world records of box office collection [1975 released Sholay] but even after 33 years of release is still a house hold name in India. This will be interesting to know that he had started life with carpet selling and went on to expand business to construction and hoteling before entering dream world of Hindi Films as a film maker.

From very first film "Marine Drive" released in 1955, all the films produced by Gopaldas Parmanand Sipahmalani - G.P.Sippy- have two common things, first established stars of industry featuring in the credits of the film which generates a good box office collection. second he always paid more attention on the story and creation of characters during the shooting of film. This prolific filmmaker was also active at the platform of Film & TV Producers Guild of India and served the institution in the capacity chairman for four terms.

In the year 1968 during the making of "Brahamchari" he got very serious differences with Bhappie Soni, director of the film which resulted in not only delay of this film but also start affecting other film "Bandhan" with star cast of Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz. These went on creating situations that Sippy has almost reached to decision of quitting from the film industry, but as destiny of Sippy being the master film maker was written years ahead of this so things steeled down. He called his son Ramesh, studying at London School of Economics to assist him in film making, the duo went on make Sita Aur Gita with stars like Dharmendra, Sanjeev Kumar and Hema Malini which was among hit Hindi films of 1972.

1975 proves year of grand success on only for the Sippy films but also for the entire film industry as script of Salim Javed with star cast of Amitabh Bachan, Dharmendra, Sanjeev kumar, Jaya Bhaduri, Hema Malini and New comer Amzad Khan proved magnificent production of Sippy and Sholay resulted into biggest box office ever produced in bollywood. Film went on to complete beyond imagination 286 straight weeks ran at Minerva theater in Mumbai. Sholay is the only film of bollywood which has shown impacts on every walk of Indian life. Gabar's dialogues "Jo Dar Gaya Samjho Mar Gaya" and "Kitne Aadami The" are still used as reference and creating humor by common people.

After the Zamaana Deewana [1995] he decided to retire from active bollywood life, though 1997 released Hamesha was last film produced by him. He handed over all his business to son Ramesh Sippy. During his long successful ran he was felicitated twice with Film Fare award for Best Film. Christmas [25 December] day of 2007 proved last day for him to respire as he passed away due to liver ailment.

Filmography : G P Sippy

List of Hindi Films Released  (Year Wise)

As Director

Marine Drive :1955
Adl-E-Jahangir : 1955
Chandrakant : 1956
Shrimati 420 : 1956
Light House : 1958
Bhai Bahen : 1959
Mr. India : 1961

As Producer

Andaz : 1971
Seeta Aur Geeta : 1972
Sholay : 1975
Trishna : 1978
Ahsas : 1979
Shan : 1980
Sagar : 1985
Bhrashtachar : 1989
Raju Ban Gaya Gentemen : 1992
Aatish : 1994
Zamaana Deewana : 1995
Hamesha : 1997