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About Gadarwara

Gadarwara is small town located on Mumbai - Alahabad railway line on the way to Jabalpur from Itarasi. The city Gadarwara is renowned for huge statue of Lord Shiva and enthusiastic style of celebrating Shivratari. Actually the name Gadarwara is derivation of Hindi word "Gadariya" meaning farmers who also owns herd of Goats and Sheeps.

Gadarwara, a tahsil from Narsinghpur district from Madhya Pradesh state is home of cotton and few other agricultural products. In the recent times city has earned fame of being home of Super Thermal Power Station. 

Gadarwara Sindhi Population

100 Odd Sindhi families are living here so the Sindhi population of Gadarwara is less than 1,000.  

Famous Sindhi


Famous Sindhi List

Gangwani Ramesh
Jeswani Narendra
Jethwani Preetamdas
Jethwani Ramesh
Jotwani Ramesh
Manglani Ashok
Mangtani Govindram
Parchani Shyamlal

Sindhi Professionals


Sindhi Doctors :: Kalwani Dr. Tarachand CA & Advocates  :: Engineers & Architects :: Other Professionals  ::

Sindhi Panchayat & Dharamshala

Sindhi Panchayat at Gadarwara is functional under name Sindhi Yuva Samiti. Till date Sindhi community of Gadarwara is unable to construct Dharamshala or any community building. 


Office Bearers

sheetaldas_shobhvani suresh_prtvanii
President : Sheetaldas Shobhvani 9329219699 Secretary : Sureshlal Prtvani  9407356039 Treasurer : Narendra Jeswani 9425344417

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Last Updated on 31 Dec 2016