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ganeshoutsavGaneshoutsav - Ganesha Festival - Kolhapur Ganesh

The most unique and identifying quality of sindhi community is farming a homogenous social state with the human communities of surroundings. this adoption quality might be the strongest point for growth of Sindhis even being without any state or nation and even being scattered in all geographical regions of the globe.

Traditionally Ganshoutsav is a Maharashtrian Hindu Festival (in Kolhapur this 10days long even is called as Kolhapur Ganesh) which has a very grand and specific style of celebration in Maharashtra which is comparable only with the Durga Pooja of Kolkatta and west Bengal.

After the partition a considerable Sindhi population settled in Maharashtra and adoptive quality of Sindhis has turned this Maharashtrian Festival into a festival celebrated by Sindhis.

On the day of "Ganesh Chaturthi" like the Maharashtrian families Idols of Vighanharta sukhkarata Lord Ganesha are established in the houses of many Sindhi families and the environment become devotional filled with morning, evening worship and Aarti of Vinayak and various "Navaidya" [offering to God] are presented.

On the day of Gouri Ganpati Visarjan idols are taken to river bank in procession with slogans of "Pudcha Varshi Loker Yia" [ Come early next year].

Beside the homes some Mandals establish Idols on community level also and here worship goes on till the day of Anant Chaturthi. Kolhapur Ganesh mandals are renowned world over for the unique signatory styles of Ganesh Visarjan procession. As in the city mandals are associated with talims and peths hence there is always a healthy competition going on among for being front runner of Visarjan procession (visit  Kolhapur Ganesh for photo gallery and other wall papers of lord Ganesha).

In the Gandhinagar these mandals have a tradition of presenting some live shows / acts related with social education and current topics.