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Hari Himthani

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Biography : Hari Assumal Himthani

Famous Sindhi Novelist – Academy Award – Ajmer
35th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2002

hari_himthaniWhen it comes to reflecting the pains of partition of through creating effective writing Hari Himthani, who has bagged 2002 Sahitya Academy Award appeared to be racing ahead of many established names of Sindhi literary world. Born on 13 February 1933 at village Hissab, Nawab Shah Sind Hari came to Ajmer in 1947 and gets settled there. After completing matriculation he joined the Indian railway and has retired as Official of western railway Ajmer.

Hari was bless to have nature rich environment for his entire early childhood because at village Hissab there were hardly 50 families were living engaged with farming and cattle husbandry so he was used to enjoy lush green carpet and musical sounds of bells at the evening. After making the life stable at Ajmer Hari Himthani decided to share his memories of partition in creative way of writing his first creation was a short story titled “Pyar Roi Dino“ which was published in the year 1952 in famous and popular Sindhi Magazine Kumari.

Hari Himthani is master of fiction and most of times theme of his writing revolves around the life of middle class family. He went on write eighteen books including ten novels. His two novels “Raat Jo Biyo Pahar” and “Maazia Jaa Danga” [Published in 1954] are not just the narration of troubles faced by Sindhi people but actually it is visualization of wounded hearts. “… His story telling is so unique in its continuity sustained interest that it is impossible to part from his book until it is completely read. If the light went out, the reader would light a candle and would continue reading. “This is what famous Sindhi critic and writer Prof. Namdev Tarachandani has said about writing of Hari Himthani. 

Almost the entire decade 1960-1970 can be said the hibernation period for the writings of Hari Himthani. Actually in the start of 1961 he started to write his own biography and it happens that his elder brother has given about 1500 pages of his writing as the Dipawali garbages.  Novel “ Dingyoon Phidyoon Lakeroon “ 1972 was his first creation of his second session of literary journey. Some of the plays written by Hari Himthani are broadcasted from AIR Jaipur. In the literary magazines like “Zindagi, Kumari & Kalakar” articles of Hari Himthani are publishing regularly, a few articles are also published in Sindhi Magazines of Sindh.

Literary Contribution: Books by Hari Himthani

Year wise list of Books by Hari Himthani is given below

2006 – Zohara
2006 – Samay [Hindi]
2001 – Samay
1991 – Maazia Jaa Danga
1983 – Gul Jalan Piya
1982 – Rat Jo Biyo Pahar
1972 - Dingyoon Phidyoon Lakeroon
1960 – Pyar Roi Dino
1958 – Professor
1957 – Aas Na Aas
1956 – Soni Raat
1955 – Accident
1955 – Aasha
1954 – Abhagin

Literary Contribution: Books by Hari Himthani

Year wise list of Books by Hari Himthani is given below :

Short Story
2006 – Yaad
2005 – Ghar [Hindi]
1998 – Udamandad Armaan
1993 – Achetan
1987 – Ghatnaun Jo Chakar
1985 – Kuch Tutal Tutal
1984 – Paghiriyal Hath
1981 – Sada Ain Paraada
1977 – Archana – Rachna
1968 – Bhang Ja Rang

Awards – Hari Himthani

Hari was honored by Sindhi Sahitya Academy in 2002 with Academy Award for “Udamandad Armaan”. He is also felicitated by

1990 Felicitation by Nai Duniya Publication
1993 Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha – Life Time Achievement Award
1995 Dr. H.I. Sadarangani Gold Medal 
1996 Rajasthan Sahitya Academy – Saami Award
2001 Award from NCPSL