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Hari Motwani

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About : Hari Narayansingh Motwani

Famous Sindhi Writer Publisher - Sindhi Magazine - Academy Award - Sindhi Film
28th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1995

hari_motwaniHari Narayansingh Motwani who in the Sindhi literary world is more famous as Hari Motwani was born on 30 November 1929 at Larkana Sindh is among those included on list of Academy Award winners given by Sindhi Sahitya Academy annually. He was awarded this award in 1995 for his novel "Ajho".  Due to partition of country he could not continue his education as just before the partition he came to India to meet with relative and was not able to return back to his birth place it has created immense love for Sindh in his heart. He tried to satisfy this thirst by visiting regularly to Sindh from 1986 to 2005 and work as the bridge between the Sindhi writers, poets of Sindh and India.

These were his friends from the literature world on whose suggestion he started business of publication and even being very moderately educated he started Sindhi Magazine "Koonj" which he edited many years. He started writing short stories and after wards also wrote few Sindhi Novels.  In the 1970 he has produced Sindhi Film "Ho Jamalo" and in 1998 has worked as the member of Advisory Board of Sindhi Sahitya Academy.

This was the end of April 2006 when he got heart attack, hospitalization of few days and efforts of Doctors fail to save his life and he expired on 07 May 2006. As par his will a part of his mortal remains was immersed into holly river Ganga and other to river Sindhu at Kotri Sindh [ on 5 July 2007]. 

Brief Introduction [Biography] – Hari Motwani

Full Name
Hari Narayansingh Motwani

Primary School

City in India
Mumbai - Maharashtra

Birth Place
Larkana Sindh

Publisher - Editor - Film Producer

Date of Birth
30 November 1929

Publication and Sindhi Literature

Contribution – Books – Hari Motwani

Hari Motwani's contribution to Sindhi literature is the  mirror shown to all those who co relates academic and literary contribution.  He has credit for few story collection and some novels in Sindhi and Hindi . List of Books by Hari Motwani 

1983 : Paniyara Pakhi
1988 : Judiyal Jin San Jind
1988 : Abo
1990 : Ajho
1991 : Khuddar
1994 : Achha Var Kara Bhanvaran
1997 : Aakhri Panna
1999 : Vibhajan [in Hindi]

Awards – Hari Motwani

Apart from being honored with Academy Award of Sahitya Academy in 1995 Hari Motwani was also felicitated by many other government and non government organisation a few significant are listed below : -

1993 : Literary Contribution Award by Prof. Ram Panjwani Cultural Center
 1994 : Award for Short Stories Collection "Kjuddar" by Maharashtra Government
1994 :  Shri Ramkishan Jaidayal Harmony Award - this was quite close to his heart as the award was handed over to him by Mother Teressa. 
1996 : Literary Contribution Award by Sharat Chander Birthday Celebration Committee
2001 : Saraswati Puraskar at Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Prayag.