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About Haridwar

As the city name suggests this is Gate of God [in Hindi Hari= God & Dwar = Gate or Door] besides that Haridwar is along with Ujjan , Nasik & Prayagraj [Allahabad] is one among the four cities where world's largest religious celebration "Kumbh" is held at interval of every twelve years.  Haridwar and Rishikesh are the city where you can find many Sindhi Dharamshala.

Haridwar Sindhi Population

Sindhiyat Ja Sipahi – Haridwar

Famous Sindhi

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Sindhi Professionals

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Famous Sindhi List

Professionals List

Sindhi Shan Haridwar

These are the Sindhi personalities of the city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth.

Sindhi Panchayat Haridwar

Sindhi Dharamshala at Haridwar

List of Sindhi Dharamshala at Haridwar & Rishikesh
[Almost all Dharam Shala provide rooms for stay on paid bases, contacts of some are given here] 

Baba Sant Hardasram Dharam Shala, Sadhu Bela Rd. Chitra Talkies Street, 9756809873 / 226680
Jai Bajrangbali Sindhi Dharam Shala, Shivmurti Galli, 01334- 221100 / 223300
Jhulelal Sindhi Dharam Shala, Sadhu Bela Rd. Chitra Talkies, Nr. Station,
Lakhmichand Dharam Shala, Ram Ghat
Mohandas Hasanand Nagpal Sindhi Dharam Shala, Shivmurti Galli 99276 18383
Sadhram Madiwala Sindhi Dharam Shala, Shivmurti Galli, 01334 - 226710
Seth S D Jotwani Sindhi Dharam Shala, Bhimbara Road, Bhim Godi
Shri Gopi Bhavan Sindhi Dharam Shala, Shivmurti Galli, 9997459095 / 229095
Shri Hare Nam Niwas, Sadhu Bella Marg Nr. Chitra Cinema
Shri Jugat Niwas, Shiravannath Nagar Shivmurti Galli, 226571
Shri Motiram Dham, Sant Kabir Marg
Swami Brahamdas Jai Baba Dham, Shivmurti Galli, 266195
Swami Madhavdas Sindhi Dharam Shala, Shivmurti Galli, 226143

Other Sindhi Institutions at Haridwar

The Sindhu World Directory Haridwar

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App