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Harikant Jethwani

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Biography: Harikant Rupchand Jethwani

Famous Sindhi Poet – Sindhi Literature – Sahitya Academy Award - Sindhi Drama
25th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1991

harikant_jethwani1991 winner of Sahitya Academy Award for Sindhi language Shri Harikant Jethwani though have fame of being one of the most famous Sindhi poets but he also has a very strong hold in short story writings. Harikant Jethwani has also written many successful Sindhi Drama “Hatya Hik Sapane Ji” and “Mukhe Kunwar Khape” are few illustrations for his play writing skills. Harikant Jethwani has used his pen in very effective for criticism and analysis also and has credit of two published book under this head.

In the literary fraternity of Sindhi literature Harikant Jethwani is considered as the follower and worshiper of the traditional Sindhi poetry though during his time especial during 60’s dominance of New Sindhi poetry is clearly visible in Sindhi literature. Harikant was famous for his style of using politics in poetry and helpless situation of common man in his stories.

If we look at the life of Harikant Rupchand Jethwani born on 5 September 1935 [the day is celebrated in India as Teachers Day] at Jacababad in Sindh at his maternal grandfather’s house two things appears very distinctly first his love for education and second appearance of phases of nomadic life coming repeatedly and having a longer period. These nomadic phases kept on dominating his life till he joins Akashwani New Service as in charge of Sindhi unit in 1967, from where he retired in 1993. Father Rupchand and grandfather Kimatrai both were in government service and due to transfer were forced to shift from one to another place. Harikant was also unfortunate as he loosed the affectionate care shadow of mother even before completing two years of age, so father was asked his brothers wives to take care of child.

As in 1947 due to partition family was forced to shift in India and has chosen Ajmer city in Rajasthan. This brought a temporary break to nomadic life of Harikant as he passed Matric as the student of Government High school and started working as translator in government’s communication department where his duty was to translate news and editorials of Sindhi News paper and periodicals for the government authorities. Harikant Jethwani has passed B.A. from Punjab University and also complete Sahitya Ratan from Hindi Sahitya Sabha Pryag. Harikant was much passionate about education so he got admission to Government college Ajmer but within a year the nomadic phase of his life has force him to shift Delhi.

In Delhi Harikant went on to work with Trade ministry and took admission for acquiring M.A. Degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the Delhi University but within two years left both job and studies. He kept on changing jobs till he got job at Akashwani . Meanwhile in 1962 he got married with Radha, she was M.A. and doing a job.

The literary journey of Harikant Jethwani as Poet and as Story writer in tandem as his poem “Bhatkandad Rooh” and story “Patewalo” were published in daily news paper Hindu published from Ajmer. Quite some his creations were publishing in news papers such as Hindvasi, Jwala, Kalakar, Kumari and Zindagi etc. His first poetry collection was published 1961.

Besides the Academy Award of 1991 from the Sahitya Academy for book “Soch Jun Surtoon” Harikant Jethwani has also received an award from Education Ministry for his Sindhi Drama collection “Failjandan Registan” in 1980. This was the said news for the Sindhi literary world that Harikant Jethwani expired at his Delhi residence on 8 May 1994 even before completing sixty years of age.

Literary Contribution – Harikant Jethwani

As per the information available Harikant has credit of fourteen published books in all forms of his writing i.e. from poetry to short stories and Sindhi drama to literary criticism. The list of books written by Harikant Jethwani is as follows: -

Ek Tukada Itihas [Hindi Poetry]
Ekanki [Sindhi Drama]
Failjandad Registan [Story]
Gujariyl Dahake Ji Sindhi Kavita [Critical Views]
Khatrag [Sindhi Drama]
Lap Bhar Roshni [Poetry]
Makan Khali Aahe [Sindhi Drama]
Prih khan Pahiriyun [Poetry]
Sindhi Boli: Sahitya Ain Jivan Jo Sankat [Critical Views]
Soch Jun Surtoon [Poetry]
Ughada Awaz [Poetry]
Unvihon Adhyay [Poetry]
Zabera Crossing Te [Story]