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Holi Rangpanchami

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About Holi

Sindhi Festival - Sindhi Food 

holiMost of the Hindu and Sindhi festivals are the expression of life enthusiasm and the most colorful festival of the year is Holi - the festival of color usually celebrated in the month of March. Probably Sindhi festival Holi is the only festival during celebration of which the differentiating line of younger and older is not visible.   

If we look at the festival calendar of India, Holi or Rang Panchami is the most popular and second most celebrated festival after the Deepavali or Diyari. The probable reasons behind the popularity of this festival Holi are this is the festival of fun and enjoyment, celebrated in very pleasant climatic conditions towards the end of winter season ahead of hot Indian summer.

Not only the life of common people but Hindi movies are also under influence of this colorful festival. In many Hindi films the festival is pictures in very glamorous way even for expression of love. This might be the "Rang De Gulal Mohe Aayi Holi Aayi Re" or the "Rang Barse Bhige Chunnrwali Rang Barse" Holi related songs have played key role in success of many Hindi films. This may be please noted that Holi and Rang Panchami are not celebrated on the same day.

If the Sindhi community is famous for festival celebration they are also known for cooking and being fond of eating delicious food hence in Sindhi community there is a kind of tradition of having some special food for each festival. Sindhi food related with Holi is a sweet dish "Ghear" a type of fried food stuff socked in hot liquid sugar.