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Indra Vaswani

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About : Indra Harish Vaswani

Famous Sindhi Writer - Sindhi Women - Sindhi Teacher
45th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2012

indira_vaswaniIndra Vaswani born on 21 August 1936 at Mirpur Khas Sindh is the only fifth Sindhi women recipient of prestigious Sahitya Academy Award in Sindhi language. Indira Vaswani bagged this award for her story collection "Mitee-a Khan Mitee-a Taaen" in the year 2012 and Indira and her husband Harish Vaswani [recipient of Sahitya Academy Award in 1987]  become the Sindhi couple after Dr. Moti Prakash and Kala Prakash to be honored with this highest literary award of the country.

Educated up to M.A., B.Ed. Indra Vaswani was a teacher by profession and retired from the post of Principal of J S Adarsh Kanya Maha Vidyala Gandhidham, Adipur. In the Sindhi literature world Indira was known as an educationist and wife of renowned sindhi poet writer Harish Vaswani but towards the late eighty's she has earned creative identity of own as in 1988 her first book of short stories "Nalo". As per the titles of book Nalo meaning Name, her name become popular among the critics and readers of Sindhi literature.

Indra Vaswani has also received the National Best Teacher Award during her days of teaching. She also have written Sindhi poems and his part of Talk and features of All India Radio. Harsish and Indra Vaswani have a daughter Shefali Vaswani.        

Brief Introduction [Biography] – Indra Vaswani

Full Name 
Indra Harish Vaswani

M.A., B.Ed.

City in India 
Gandhidham, Adipur

Birth Place 
Mirpur Khas Sindh

Sindhi Teacher

Date of Birth 
21 October 1936

Education and Literature

Literary Contribution – Indira Vaswani

Besides the short story and poetry writing he has also worked as Member of Sahitya Academy and on the Board of Examinations of Sindhi subjects. List of Books by Indra Vaswani :

Mitee-a Khan Mitee-a Taaen 

Awards – Indra Vaswani

Best Teacher National Award 
Sahitya Academy Award [Sindhi languae]
are the two most precious and memorable awards received by Indra Vaswani.