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Ishwardas Rohani

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ishwardasBiography : Ishwardas Rohani : Sindhi Speaker of M. P. Vidhan Sabha

Sindhis of Madhya Pradesh especially from the Jabalpur city were feeling honor when Ishwardas Roohani took oath of the office of speaker [16 December 2003] of Legislative Council of Madhya Pradesh. This was a rare honor as people of Sindhi community seldom involved with politics and if a few sindhis get status of being politician usually the working area gets limited to own colony and city. This was possible for Ishwardas just because alike the most sindhis he was highly educated [scenario is changing since last two three decades Sindhi youth specially girls are opting to go for higher education] and his heart was filled with desire of  doing something for significant for the politically deprived sindhi community. 

Beside the world famous Bhedaghat waterfalls, credit also goes to Jabalpur for producing rare Sindhi political leader in free India. Ishwardas Rohani, commerce and law graduate can be said as the first generation of Sindhi leadership in the country. He is among the famous faces in the field Printing business of the area and have a very keen interest in social service.

Political career of Karachi Sindh born [Birth date 30 January 1946] Ishwardas Rohani was started in the year 1965 when he joined Bhartiya Janasangh his wisdom, will to work for society and political understanding made him block leader of party in no time.

In the 1973 he was elected for Jabalpur city administration, in fact this was the first democratic election he participated and won. During the times of emergency in 70's he was the first who raised the protesting voice on 14 November 1975 from the state and Jabalpur subsequently he was send to prison and was forced to spend about 19 months there.

After the emergency he kept on working with Bhartiya Janta Party [BJP] in various capacities such as District secretary, District President and State Political In charge. In the 1993 he become Member of state Legislative Council [MLA] for the first time and was the party's conniver in the state assembly.

His political wisdom and timely raised question brought popularity for him in the "Vidhan Sabha" even his political opposition, congress party members were highly impressed with him and as a result when in 1998 he was elected from Jabalpur for second time. He was also elected for the post of Deputy Speaker of House in Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. He holds this post from 11 February 1999 to 5 December 2003.

In the 2003 state assembly elections he completed his wining hat trick from Jabalpur, and also was elected in the election held for post of "Speaker of House". He had worked on this post from 16 December 2003 to 04 January 2009 by this time state went under the process of State Assembly elections and Ishwardas return back to office speaker [He was elected third time as a MLA] from 07 January 2009 and hold the post till death force him to leave the physical world. Ishwardas Rohani left this physical world on 5th November 2013 due to heart attack at his home at Jabalpur.

Writer has honor of sharing the stage with this great Sindhi personality during a religious function at Khandwa. This was surprising to learn that even on the visit of various other countries like U K, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapur, Pakistan and many other in the capacity of State Assembly Speaker, Ishwardas never forget to visit local ongoing projects of social welfare so he can find yet another way of helping poor and suffering people of his own state. At every country he also try to find time for meeting and discussing with sindhis living there.