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About Jalgaon

Once famous for Banana Jalgaon the gateway to the world renowned tourist destination Ajantha caves is most important city of the Khandesh region of Maharashtra. The Modern Jalgaon is Industrial & educational hub with fame of having more than adequate health facilities. 
For the Sindhis Jalgaon is a pilgrimage destination as the city was the home of famous Sindhi Saint Baba Hardasram Sahib. For the Sindhis Jalgaon is city with which the only Sindhi MLC Dr. Gurmukh Jagwani is associated. 

Jalgaon Sindhi Population

Sindhi population of Jalgaon Maharashtra is nearly 40,000 [Fourty thousands]. This is Sindhis who had changed this previous Banana City into one of the biggest commercial center of the region.  In almost every business field say Trading or Manufacturing Sindhis are front runners, even in non traditional ones like Hoteling. 
Sant Kanwar Ram Nagar, Guru Nanak Nagar,  Ganpati Nagar & Baba Hardasram Hous. Soc. are the main residential areas of Sindhis. Adarsh Nagar & T M Nagar are some other areas of Jalgaon city where you can find Sindhi population.

Shopping At Jalgaon Famous Sindhi Shops & Showrooms

If you are looking for shopping here are few featured outlets from city.

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Famous Sindhi

laxmandas_advani1 gurmukh_jagwani
Laxmandas Adwani 9420444222 - Dr. Gurumukh Jagwani - Amar Balani - Amar Sidhwani - Amarlal Talreja - Ashokkumar Lalwani - Ashok Rajpal - Ashok Mandhyan - Bhagat Balani - Bhajanlal Tejwani - Brijlal Menghwani - Chetankumar Poptani - Dayanand Visrani - Dhanraj Raisinghani - Dharamdas Keswani - Dilip Mandhwani - Ghanshamdas Rawlani - Ghanshyamdas Adwani - Ghanshyamdas Karda - Ghanshyam Poptani - Gokuldas Tejwani - Gordhandas Kaurani - Goverdhan Raisinghani - Gulabchand Chawla - Gurmukhdas Talreja - Hardayal Kukreja - Harshad Adwani - Hemu Bhavnani - Hiranand Manghwani - Jagdish Kukreja - Jaipaldas Nanwani - Jayramdas Kukreja - Jeetandra Rajani - Kanhaiyalal Kukreja - Keshav Tejwani - Khiyal Menghani - Kishanchand Rawlani - Manoj Tejvani - Mohanlal Karamchandani - Mukeshbhai Tekwani - Nandlal Adwani - Nandlal Jadhwani - Nandlal Kukreja - Omprakash Sachdev - Pankaj Keswani - Poonamchand Adwani - Prakash Adwani - Prakash Balani - Prakashlal Darda - Pratap Talreja - Premkumar Balani - Prem Katariya - Rajkumar Valecha - Ram Kataria - Ramesh Matani - Rameshlal Katariya - Ravi Balani - Relumal Valecha - Sagar Keswani - Sanjay Pariyani - Sarvanand Kukdeja - Satish Punjabi - Shankarlal Mandhyan - Shankarlal Mehta - Sunganaram Mandhyan - Sukhramdas Mangwani - Sunderlal Pariyani - Suresh Aidasani - Sureshkumar Keswani - Sureshlal Varyani - Tirthdas Shamnani - Varun Rawlani - Vasudev Budhani - Vasudev Talreja - Vijay Dara - Vijay Gehi - Vijay Sangtani - Vijendra Karamchandani - Vishandas Kavana - Vishandas Matani - Vishvesh Mandhyan

Sindhi Shan Jalgaon

These are the Sindhi personalities of the city who brought moment of pride for entire Sindhi community of the city. They might be a renowned social worker, a professional, a successful businessmen or even Sindhi youth. Click Here for individual Information .....

Sindhi Professionals

Sindhi Doctors :: Dr. Moolchand Udasi - Dr. Rajkumar Rawlani - Dr. Sudamchand Ramchandani CA & Advocates  :: Engineers & Architects :: LIC Agents  :: Marriage Bureau :: Photo & Video Shooting ::

Sindhi Panchayat Jalgaon

At Jalgaon besides the Puj Sindhi Central Panchayat, there are five other Sindhi Panchayats. Here is complete list of Sindhi Panchayats at Jalgaon Maharashtra. Visit Jalgaon Sindhi Panchayat Page to know about activities & office bearers of Sindhi Panchayats at Jalgaon.

Sindhi Dharamshala at Jalgaon

List of Sindhi Dharamshala at Jalgaon Maharashtra includes :
Sant Kanwar Ram Dharam Shala, Acharya Kirplani Road
Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Kanwar Nagar - Sindhi Colony
This may be noted that sindhi families visiting Jalgaon can have tourist stay facility at Pujya Seva Mandal for room booking and other info please contact office at Mandir on Telephone Number 0257-2239514 .

Other Sindhi Institutions at Jalgaon

Sindhi community of Jalgaon has founded many socio-ecomic institutions. Details of these are given on Jalgaon Sindhi institutions - separate page.  

Sindhi Press

The Sindhu World Directory Jalgaon

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App

Last Updated 05 Jan 2016