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Janamashtami Gopalkala

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janamashtmiShrikrishna Janamashtami [Govinda Aala Re] - Gopal Kala

Among the famous Sindhi / Hindu festivals birth of God Krishna, being celebrated as "Janamashtami" is one of the important festival. According to Indian history God Shrikrishna was born at midnight in the prison at Mathura and the newly born baby was taken to Virandavan [Gokul] by the father Vasudev.

The childhood care of Lord Krishna was taken by Yashoda Mata and Nandrai. In the modern India geographically Mathura and Virandavan both are in north India hence higher enthusiasm is seen among the north Indians for the Celebration of "Janamashtami" the festival which sometimes also referred as the Festival of North India.

In the Mumbai the economic capital city of country more celebration are done on the next day of birth of Shrikrishna - the day is celebrated as "Govinda Aala Re". On this day at various places "Dahi Handi" [earthen pot having curd] is arranged and kept hanging on height. Young devotees of Lord Krishna being called "Govinda" comes in group and try to break the "Dahi Handi" by making human pyramids.

Here we are giving a bit about What Lord Krishna symbolizes and some of the famous names of God Shrikrishna.

Shrikrishan: Totality of Life

Being threatened of the Aakashwani [Devine voice prediction] Mathura, King Kans kept sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev in the prison and decided to wait till the birth of eighth children of the couple but Maharashi Narad visited him and Draw a circle with eight radiuses [four diameter] and ask him to identify which one is the first? This is just not a story related with birth of Lord Shri Krishan but in fact is the indication of Totality of life, symbolized by Shri krishan. We all know circle is the representation of totality and covering all so was, is and will be the Lord Shri Krishan covering all the aspects of the life and representing life in its totality. As the Krishan is symbol of totality hence we remember him with various names such as [List of Names of Lord Krishna] :

1. Balgopal One with the innocence of childhood
2. Bansi Bajaiya One who plays flute
3. Chkaradhari One who holds Sudarshan Chakara
4. Devakinanadan Son of Devaki
5. Gopal One who take care of cows
6. Govardhandahri One who lifted & holds mountain Govardhan
7. Govinda One who plays with cow
8. Gyaneshwar Master of all knowledge
9. Hrishikesh Lord of all senses
10. Janardhan One who bestow boons on one and all
11. Keshav One with longblackmatted looks
12. Madan The lord of love
13. Madhav Knowledge filled God
14. Makhan Chor One who love to steals Makhan
15. More Mukatdhari One who wears crown with peacock crescent
16. Muralidhar One who holds flute
17. Muralimanohar One who looks impressive with flute
18. Nandgopal Son of Nand
19. Ras Rachaiya One who organize Ras [group dance]
20. Shyam One with dark complex
21. Shyamsundar One who look good with dark complex
22. Yadavendra King of Yadavas
23. Yashodananandan Son of Yashoda
24. Yogi Master of knowledge of Yoga
25. Yoginampati Lord of Yogis