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Jhamu Chhugani

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About : Jhamu Chhugani

Famous Sindhi Writer - Educationist - Administrator

jhamu_chhuganiBorn on 05 September 1946 at Hyderabad Sindh Jhamu Chhugani,was not only the eminent Sindhi writer and research scholar but also was the beloved popular face among the Sindhi community of Bairagarh Bhopal, city where his parents get settled after shifting to India during the period of partition in 1947. Schooling of Jhamu Chhugani was completed at Government Boys High School, where as he completed his M.A. [Eng.] as the student of Hamidia Arts and Commerce College Bhopal. Afterwards he went on acquire Visharad [Sanskrit] and B.Ed. degree.

This might be effect of being born on 05 September, the day being celebrated in India as the Teacher’s Day in memory of former President Sarvapali Dr. Radhakrishnan that even after completing education Jhamu was remains in the same field of education. Jhamu Chhugani was associated for a considerable long span of time with Regional Institute of Education Bhopal and retired from the post of Administrator of the institute. He has also worked as Director of M.P. Sahitya and Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahitya Sabha as Gen. Secretary Madhya Pradesh and presently as the member of executive body. He was also member of advisory committee of Central Sahitya Academy New Delhi.

Jhamu Chhugani left the physical world on 27 August 2016 at his residence at Bhopal.


Brief Introduction [Biography] – Jhamu Chhugani

Full Name 
Jhamu Chhugani

M.A. [Eng.], B.Ed., Visharad [Sanskrit] 

City in India 
Bairagarh - Bhopal

Birth Place 
Hyderabad Sindh

Service - Administrator

Date of Birth 
05 September 1946

Sindhi Literature & Education

Contribution – Jhamu Chhugani

Sindhi literature will remain ever thankful for writing books like

Hiku Biyo Virhango – though this was a story collection but was expressing very effectively the pains suffered during the partition of the country and aguish of the Sindhi community.
Mahamati Prannath Ji Sindhi Vani – published in two volumes and concentrated on peace, brotherhood, harmony with inclusion of 542 Choupayi [a four line poetic expression].

Awards – Jhamu Chhugani

We are listing only a few important awards of Jhamu Chhugani here

Award by Central Hindi Directorate for Mahamati Prannath Ji Sindhi Vani
Literary Award by Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahitya Sabha
Award by Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Academy for contribution to Sindhi Literature
Sant Hirdaram Gourav Puraskar