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About Jodhpur

The Sun City Jodhpur is the home of Palaces, Forts and Temples in the Thar desert of Princely state Rajasthan. Besides the traditional Handcraft and Furniture in the recent years manufacturing of textiles, metal utensils, bicycles, ink and sporting goods have made Jodhpur a much talked town of the industrial & commercial arena of the globe. 

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Jodhpur Sindhi Population

Sindhi population of Jodhpur Rajasthan is 38,000 [Thirty Eight Thousands] .

Famous Sindhis – Jodhpur

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Harish Bherwani
Kanhaiyalal Tewani
Pitamber Hotwani

D K Paryani
Bhagwan Shivlani
Girdhari Pardasani

Sindhi Shan Jodhpur

Here we will include a brief introduction of those eminent sindhi personalities associated with Jodhpur who had brought pride for the Sindhi community of the city and set an example of dedication for the empowerment of Sindhis by illustrating life as a social worker. 

Sindhi Doctors

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C A & Advocate

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Sindhi Panchayat Jodhpur

Pojiya Sindhi Central Panchayat

Sindhi Dharamshala Jodhpur

If you are a Sindhi and looking for tourist stay facility at Jodhpur in Sindhi environment you can get one at

Sindhu Mahal Sector 9 Choupasani Hsg. Board 9414127791 
Seth Longmal Dharam Shala, Nr. Panna Niwas, Sardar Market 94 14 128403
Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Pratapnagar 94 14 127449
Sindhu Bhavan Bhagat Hiranand Dharam Shala, Sardarpura

Other Sindhi Dharamshala used as community hall for the social events are

Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Sajoti Gate
Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Ratanada
Pojiya Sindhi Panchayati Dharam Shala, Chandpol
Sindhi Guru Sangat Bhavan Dharam Shala, Sardarpura

Other Sindhi Institutions at Jodhpur

Other institutions established by Sindhi community at Jodhpur Rajasthan are listed below. To know about activities and office bearers of the institution just click on name.
Sindhi Youth Welfare Society
Sindhi Gurusangat Society

The Sindhu World Directory Jodhpur

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App

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Sindhi Press Jodhpur

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Mehran [] Editor: Rajendra Bherwani
Sindhu Kesari [] Editor: Kanayalal Tewani