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Kalyan Advani

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About : Kalyan Bulchand Advani

Famous Sindhi - Shah Jo Risalo - Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award
4th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1968

kalyan_advani1958 an year to be remembered as the mile stone in the history of Sindhi literature as famous Sindhi author Academy Award Winner [1968] Kalyan Advani has published his work on legendary Sindhi Poet Shah Sahib with title "Shah Jo Risalo" .Born at Hyderabad Sindh Kalyan Advani was post graduate in English Literature and was a professor by profession. Even having dominating command over English and Persian languages Kalyan Advani preferred to write in mother tongue Sindhi. Though there is considerable less published books are there but the greatest gift to Sindhi literature given by Kalyan Advani is his critical work on famous trio of Sindhi literature Shah - Sachal - Sami . Translation of Mahakavi Kalidas's "Shakuntala" in Sindhi is yet another towering success of Kalyan Advani. He dies on 27 May 1994 at Mumbai.   

Brief Introduction [Biography] Kalyan Advani

Full Name
[Prof.] Kalyan Bulchand Advani

M.A. [English]

City in India
Bandra - Mumbai

Birth Place
Hyderabad Sindh


Date of Birth
10 December 1911

Sindhi Literature

Contribution – Kalyan Advani

Kalyan Advani has comparatively lesser published work than his contribution to Sindhi literature. Here we are giving list of some of popular and award winning publications : -

Shah Latif [1970] and Sachal Sarmast [1971] both published by Sahitya Academy
Raz-o-Niyat [1960]
Shah Jo Risalo [1958]  
Sachal [1954] (Critical View)
Sami [1953](Critical View)
Shah Latif [1951] (Critical View)
Kalyan Advani also have credit of publishing "Shakuntala" of Mahakavi Kalidas in Sindhi language. 

Awards – Kalyan Advani

There are several occasions when Kalyan Advani was felicitated and his work for Sindhi literature was recoginsed.  He was part of Indian Author delegation send to France by Government of India in 1970. Beside the Academy Award given by Sindhi Sahitya Academy for "Shah Jo Risalo" in the year 1966 Kalyan Advani was awarded a Gold Medal for same book by Sindhi Sahitya Mandal in 1958.