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Kirat Babani

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Biography – Kirat Babani

Famous Sindhi Writer – Sindhi Journalist – Sindhi Politician
39th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2006
kirat_babaniKirat Babani was born on 03 January 1922 as the son of Shri Choithram at village Moro Lakho of Dist. Nawabshah, Sindh. At the age of four years he lost his father and family was shifted to Nawabshah. He was admitted to Wills High School, where he was taught by Shri Rochiram Thawani and Shri Assandas Bijlani . He just not gained the academic knowledge but also lessons of patriotism, sports, drama and literary activities. Young Kirat has established “Forward Students Union” when he was in Matric. He was actively involved with “Quit India Movement” initiated by Mahatma Gandhi.

In the pre Independence era Kirat was arrested many times and in the jail he meets with personalities like Dr. Hassaram Rawatani, Rochiram Thawani, Krishin Gurnani, Partomal, Gulab Bhagwanani, Harchand and Sobho Gyanchandani. He was presented a book titled “Introduction to Socialism” which has changed his life to a great extant. During his studies at D.J. College, Karachi, Kirat got a part time job at newspaper “Azad”.

In the year 1945 he become General Secretary of “All Sindh Students” and represented Sindhi delegation at “All India Students Federation” meet held at New Delhi. During the meetings of “Adabi Class” [organization of leftist leanings writers] Kirat met with Gobind Malhi, Narayan Shyam, Anand Golani, Sugan Ahuja, Shaikh Raaz, Gobind Punjabi, Krishin Khatwani, Ram Amarlal Panjwani, Lachhman Rajpal, Gul Asnani and Bhagwan Lalwani etc. His first story “Jilebyun jo Chor” was published in Nai Duniya a magazine edited by Gobind Malhi. After the partition of the country in 1947 Kirat preferred to stay in Sindh but after the Karachi riots on 6 January 1948, he was arrested and was forced to leave Pakistan.

He migrated to Mumbai in May 1949 and went on to acquire degrees of B.A. and L.Lb. He joined the “Sindhyat Movement” under the banner of “Sindhi Boli and Lipi Committee” and later on become associated with “Sindhi Sahat Mandal”. During these years he got married to Savita. In the 1972 Kirat Babani was elected President of “Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahat Sabha” and served Sindhi community, Language and Literature for span of 18 years.

He has credit of being author of15 books and has received many awards and citations during his long illustrated literary life. He died on 07 May 2015 at Mumbai.

Literary Work – Publications

Though there is a long list of books written by Kirat Babani, he was awarded with Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award for “Dharti - A-Jo-Sad” some other most significant are :

2000: Likyo Liyaka Paeen
1998: Kuch Budhayum Kuch Likayum [Autobiography]
1987: Aseen Sab Nanga Ahiyo
1982: Abol Rani
1981: Jeki Diotho Ho Moon
1972: Sooreea Saad Kayo
1956: Hooa


During his long illustrated literary life Krirat Babani has received numerous awards, here are some of those:

1980: Soviet Land Nehru Peace Award
1982: Award by Ministry of Education, Govt. of India
1986: Outstanding Literary Contribution Award by Akhil Bharati Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha
1987: Award by Maharashtra Sindhi Sahit Academy
1992: Best Literary Work Award by Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad
2006: Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award [Dharti - A-Jo-Sad]