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Krishin Khatwani

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Krishin Khatwani Biography

Multi talented Sindhi Novelist 
14th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1980

krishin_khatwaniNature doesn’t usually bless a single individual with this type of talent with which renowned Sindhi novelist and story writer Krishin Khatwani was blessed. He was born on 7th November 1927 at Tharushah of District Nawabshah in Sindh as the son of Diwan Idandas Khatwani. After completing school education at Karachi he had joined Shanti Niketan in pursuit of higher University level education.

Like the many thousands other Sindhis he also migrated to India but before that he got married with Sushila in 1949. The couple has been blessed with three children two sons and one daughter. After the migration Krishin Idandas Khatwani settled at Indore city in Madhya Pradesh. Study room of his residence Sindhu at Palasiya colony was the favorite hangout of other Sindhi writers poets of his time as there  a lot was available for reading. 

Krishin Khatwani a popular Sindhi Novelist who had equal command over the Sindhi Poetry, Story writing, Sindhi Drama and even Autobiographical sketches and travelogue. During the illustrated journey in Sindhi literature Khatwani has credit for 18 books including 6 novels and some of short story collection. Many of his writings are translated into other regional languages.

"Yaadi Hika PyaarJi"  is one of the best literary creations of Krishin Khatwani which not only brought prestigious Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award for him in 1980 but was the true expression for his typical style of writing. He always preferred to expand and develop the subject of his writing by virtue of his words selection and keeps this tempo till the end.

In the Sindhi literary world Krishin Khatwani was considered more as artist than a writer as most of the critics of his time were agree to one thing that he instead of writing often draw sketches with his words. His word choice for his every writing [this may be the Amar Prem or Sat Dinh] was so perfect that it can be compared only with choice  of perfect & appropriate colour for an impressive painting.

Krishin Khatwani has also worked as the co-coordinator for Sindhi Advisory Board of Central Sahitya Academy from 1993 to 1997. This was the 11 October 2007 when he breathed his last at his home.

Literary Journey

List of Story Collections

1943 Tutal Taroon
1962 Binduri
1973 Mithadi To N Sunaito
1980 Pardesin and Akeli
1985 Jiyape Jo Sadhan
1993 Viphari
1993 Dhundhla Chehra

List of Sindhi Novels

1961 Amar Pyar
1962 Muhinji Mithadi Sindh
1978 Vyarth Zindgiyun
1978 Yaad Hik Pyar Ji
1985 Sat Dinh
1996 Tarandad Badal

Other Literary Creations

1943 Siyasi Mudbar
1976 Aashiyano [Drama]
1989 Hk Dighi Shant
1992 Muhinja Maruada


Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award for Yaad Hik Pyar Ji

Bharitya Bhasha Parishad Kolkata for contribution to Sindhi Literature

“Sami” award of Madhya Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Parishad