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Padma Vibhushan L K Advani

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Biography : L K Adwani

lk_advaniBJP's Iron Man - Lal Krishan Advani 

Delhi or New Delhi being the capital city of India is always considered as the centre of political activities and after the retirement of former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihar Vajpayee, residence of senior party leader L K Advani is among the major activity centre for the BJP.

Indian political history and arena of politicians after 1980's is dominated by a personality from the Sindhi community very rarely active in politics ever since the partition of the country in 1947. After the partition, Sindhis were forced to work hard for getting rooted in various cities of India and a very few were active in politics.

Lal Krishna Adwani or more popularly known as L K Advani is one among those rare sindhi political leaders of free India. He was active with political party Jansangh, which went on to be identified and named as Bhartiya Janta Party [B J P]. Advani's is famous for firmness of thoughts like the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel hence often in the party he is referred as Iron Man also.

This was the Advani's "Ratha Yatra" which proved instrumental for opening the power gates for B J P and in the central government lead by Shri Atal Bihar Vajpayee, he worked as Deputy Prime Minister.

He is known as the hard liner politician and have a great faith and believe with the Hindutava. He has a strong commitment with R S S.

L K Advani : Personal Profile

Life fact file of this super star Sindhi politician goes like:

Full Name ::: Lalkrishina Kishanchand Advani
Mother's Name ::: Gyani Devi Kishanchand Advani [Adwani]
Birth Date :: 08TH November 1927
Birth Place ::: Karachi [Sindh]
Education ::: Early primary education at St. Patrick's high school Karachi, Higher education D G National College, Hyderabad and government law college. Completed his graduation in Law from Bombay [Mumbai] University.
Marriage ::: 22 February 1965 
Wife ::: Kamala Advani [Marriage Date 25-02-1965]
Children :: Pratibha [Daughter] and Jayant [Son]
Favorite Time Pass ::: Hindi moves though he loves to watch Plays also but of opinion of Films being the superior just because of mass reach. 
Favorite Book(s) ::: Ramayan and Mahabharat written by C Rajgopalachari along with "Jai Somnath" in Hindi written by K M Munshi.
Award : Padam Vibhushan [second highest civilian award after Bharat Ratan]

Political Journey

Political Journey of L K Adwani

1942 : Joined Rashtiya Swayamsevk Sangha [R S S ]
1947 : R S S Organiser of Karachi city
1947-1948 : Worked at Alwar, Ajmer and few other districts in Rajasthas as the Prcharak of Sangh
1951 - 1957 : State Secretary of Rajasthan Jansangh
1957 : Secretary of Delhi Jansangha and Parliamentary group of party
1970 - 1989 : Member of Rajya Sabha
1973 - 1977 : President of Jansangha
1975 - 1977 : Detained Under MISA in Bangalore Jail.
1977 : Cabinet Minister of Information & Broadcasting.
1980 : Founder Secretary of Bharitya Janta Party [BJP ] and Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha
1986 : National President of BJP
1989 : Elected to Lok Sabha
1991 : Reelected to Lok Sabha, Leader of Opposition.
1998 : Cabinet Home Minister
1999 - 2004 : Deputy Prime Minister of India.
2004 :Reelected to Lok Sabha & Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha
2009: Projected as Prime Ministerial Candidate by BJP in Lok Sabha Election
2011: Jan Chetna Yatra started from Bihar for awareness against corruption
2013: Two Books "Dridhtikon" and " Rashtra Sarvopari"  as blog 
2014: Elected from Gandhinagar Gujarat for Lok Sabha [6th Time] - Part of Marg Darshak Mandal of BJP along with Murli Manohar Joshi and Atal Bihari Vajpeyi.