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Lachman Bhambhani

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Biography : Lachman Udharam Bhambhani

Sindhi Literature – Rajasthan Sindhi Academy – Sindhi Writer Journalist
lachman_bhambhaniLike legendry trio of Sindhi literature Sachal, Saami and Shah, literary horizon of Jaipur Rajasthan also have three pole stars Sunder Agnani, Lachman Bhambhani and Vasdev Sindhu Bharati. These are pioneers who started movement of preservation ancient literary tradition and propagation of Sindhi Literature at Jaipur Rajasthan. This might be co incident that two [Sunder and Lachman] of this trio born at Nawabshah district in Sindhi and two [Vasdev and Lachhman] are born in same year 1938 and same month November.
Lachman Bhambhani who played important role in expanding reach of Sindhi literature to large community of Hindi speaking population of Rajasthan and India, in capacity of Chief Editor of Sindhi Sahitya Surabhi being published since 1999, a half yearly Hindi literary Magazine which publishes translation of selective Sindhi writings. He has also worked as Co-editor of Sindhi Magzine Suhini started by this trio of Jaipur to ensure expansion of their movement of Sindhiyat besides being editor of Rihan and Indra Dhanush.
Born on 17 November 1938 at Nawabshah district Sindh, Lachman Udharam Bhambhani went on to complete his graduation, Kovid [Rashtra Bhasha Prchar Samiti Wardha] before joining government job and getting steeled at Jaipur [at the time of partition of country he was still single digit in age]. He also passed Sahitya Ratna exam of Punjab University. Though most Sindhi literature lovers knows him part of trio but actually Lachman is Master of three different aspects, he is writer, Journalist and Actor. Most of his writings are either in Short story format or an essay. Mamta Jo Maut and Mummy Moti Aau are his dedication to respect and love one should have for mother. Sapna ain Sudka a short stories collection published in 1964 underlines the height of his visionary imagination. Lachman never allowed his inner child as he came with Roshani Jo Rath – a children Short Stories book – in 1994, when he was under preparation for retirement from Government service.
Lachman Bhambhani never hesitate to express his intense fondness for acting and stage as he never missed an opportunity of being on Stage even this might be a play in Hindi. He has acted about 30 Stage Drama in Sindhi and Hindi. Lachman being part of more than 25 Radio and TV plays also indicates his love for acting. Since 1995 he is working as General Secretary, Akhil Bharat Sindhi Boli Ain Sahit Sabha, this long association is sufficient to show his work energy levels. He has also worked as Member, Rajasthan Sindhi Academy. Lachman Bhambhani was Jury Member of committee [Other two - Lachhmandas Keswani and Nari Lachhwani]  for Sindhi Sahitya Academy Yuva Puraskar 2017. 

Literary contribution – Books Published 

Stories Collection
1964 Sapna Ain Sudka
1986 Anboh Khan Bahir
1988 Sudkan Bhariyo Paland
1995 Mamta Jo Maut
2004 Jahaj Jo Panchhi

Drama Collections
1985 Mummy Moti Aau
2000 Adhaiyi Akhar Prem Ja
1993 Ragg-Khitraag [Satirical Essays]
1994 Roshni Jo Rath Children Stories]
2004 Sindhi Ekanki [Edited]


Lachman Bhambhani was awarded with Sami Award, highest literary award of Rajasthan Sindhi Academy for his contribution towards the Sindhi Literature. Some of his award winning books are
Mummy Moti Aau - by Central Hindi Directorate, Govt. of India
Roshini Jo Rath - by NCERT, Govt. of India
Raag Khitraag - by Rajasthan Sindhi Academy