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Lal Pushp

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About : Lal Bhagwandas Rijhwani – Lal Pushp

Famous Sindhi Writer - Academy Award
10th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 1974

lal_pushpLal Pushp is the popular name of Academy award winner famous Sindhi writer who was part of famous literary trio along with Guno Samtani and  Mohan Kalpana renowned for bringing progressive thoughts to Sindhi literature.  He was born as Lal Bhagwandas Rijhwani at Larkana Sindh on 1 January 1935 and went on to complete his education B.A. in English literature.  Alike many others he also faced the reoubles of migration at tender age, his family settled first at Kalyan and than shifted to Mumbai.

Lal Pushp was more famous for his short stories and many of these are also translated in other Indian languages and even in English. He was also active as journalist and have edited Sindhi magazine Priha Phuti for almost two decades beside being the publisher editor of bimonthly magazine Sindhi  International. He died on 20 March 2009 at his Mumbai residence.     

Brief Introduction

Full Name
Lal Bhagwandas Rijhwani


City in India
Khar - Mumbai

Birth Place


Date of Birth
01 January 1935

Sindhi Literature & Journalism

Contribution – Books by Lal Pushp

Lal Pushp renowned for short stories have also credit of few criticism work and some very popular novels. During the life he has wrote more than twenty books out of some more popular are listed below :- 

Gadyal Tanqeed
Lal Pushp [Autobiography]
Hun je Atam Jo Maut [ Academy Award winner Novel]

Awards – Lal Pushp

Academy Award by Sindhi Sahitya Academy in 1974 for "Hun je Atam Jo Maut"

Gaurav Puraskar by Maharashtra government