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Lila Chanesar

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lila_chanesarLegendary Sindhi Literature -Lila Chanesar - Tragic Romance of Sindh

Sindh also have fame of being the land of seven historic and tragic romances and one among these is of the Soomro ruler Raja Chanesar [King of Dewal- Sindh] & his queen Lila, the story is also mentioned in the " Shah Jo Risalo" [written by Shah Abdul Latif] said to be mirror of Sindhi literature. Lila was very fond of precious stones, Diamonds and Jewelry, both the king and queen were enjoying a peaceful and lovely married life.

In the near by area of Ktuchh Rana Khanghar was ruling Lakhpat, he had only one daughter named "Kaunru", the love and affection she attracts due to being the only daughter of Rana, and the physical beauty she have, made her proudly and some what arrogant . Kaunru was engaged with Utmadi. One day Jammi, sister of Utmadi, who was also friend of Kaunru, teased kaunru about her beauty with words " Why you are so proud of your beauty, if you are so beautiful, why not you are the queen of King Chanesar?" . These words proved much hurting for the Kaunru and she decided either to marry with Chanesar or commit suicide. When the parents, specially mother Mirkhi came to know about this, they tried to give lessons of understanding to her, as both of them were aware of the love and commitment of chanesar towards Lila. All their effort yielded no positive result as Kaunru refused to change her decision.

A long discussion and consultation took place between father Rana Khanghar and Mother Mirkhi and finally Kaunru and Mirkhi set off for Dewal Sindh. Both of them were disguised as traders and succeeded in generating contacts with Jakhiro, the minister of Chanesar, who promised to help by putting a word about the beauty of Kaunru before the king. History says Chanesar become much angry and instruct Jakhiro not to talk on this topic again just because he loves Lila so much that in presence of her can't think even of a lady from Heaven [Apsara from the darbar of Indira]. this was a disheartening news for the mother and daughter but Kaunru was determined so she tried another trap. She asked her mother to dress up like the ordinary people and went to Palace of Lila. Both of them requested the queen for grating a chance to serve her and King as poverty forced them to leave their country. Lila become impressed with story so she appointed them as her personal servants and ask Kanuru to take care of Bed room of King.

With the passing of time mother was losing hope but Kanuru was keeping her patience and waiting for the day of her success. One day in the evening Kanuru was preparing the bed for the king, all of sudden she remembered the comforts she and her mother were having at their Palace, her eyes were filled with tears considering the hard life, which her mother is having only due to her. Lila, who was there but unnoticed by Kanuru saw all this and asked for the reason of tears. Kanuru was very intelligent so she decided to take this opportunity as one move towards her aim. She told Lila that at one time she was a princes and was used to enjoy all the comforts and luxurious life which Lila have, the only difference was that she was habituate to use a "Navlakha Har" [a necklace priced 9 lakh buck] which she still have as the memory of those golden days of her life.

All this was almost unbelievable for Lila, but her love and greed for the jewelry was forcing her to believe and when Kanuru showed that necklace to her she become eager to have it. Lila asked Kanuru about the price of necklace as she was ready to pay anything for that mesmerizing neckless. Kanuru refuse to sale the, however she told Lila that she will be giving her necklace as a gift if she allow Kanuru to spend one night with Chanesar. The necklace was a beauty of its own hence Lila talked with Chanesar about this who refuse to do so.

A few days went but Lila was remembering the beauty of necklace and feeling the growing emotions for having it. One day Chanesar, went out for a party and return back to palace in heavily drunk condition. Lila decided to take advantage of this, she allowed Kanuru to share bed with Chanesar in exchange of that necklace. Unfortunately on next morning Chanesar wake up some what earlier than his routine and was shocked to see Kanuru into his bed , he was still in confused status of mind and wondering about the happenings of last night, when Mirkhi entered into bedroom she narrated Chanesar about the happening. All this was sufficient reason for loss of temper by Chanesar. He decided to broke all his relations with Lila as she insulted him for a mere necklace and decided to get married with Kanuru considering the troubles and suffering she went under for her love for Chanesar.

Lila tried to apologize, she cried and promised not to commit mistake again, even she become ready to distribute all her jewelry among the poor but Chanesar was with firm mind that as she had scarified him for jewelry so he will not change his decision. Finally Lila left the palace went to stay with her parents, where she started to spend life in repentance and solitude.

Jakhiro, the minister of Chanesar was engaged with a girl from family of Lila and in these changed situations family decided to broke this engagement and not to go far marriage. Jakhiro tried his level best and finally approached Lila for the help. She agreed but only on the condition, if he can bring Chanesar on his wedding. This wasn't a tough asking so Jakhiro agreed. On the decided day Chanesar was there with the wedding party of bridegroom. Lila decided to be part of girls group, who were assigned task of entertaining the wedding party with their dance and singing.

Lila was performing with a semi transparent fabric covering her face. During the passed time Chanesar become aware of whole story about Kanuru and also become fade up of her proudly and arrogant nature and started to remember happy and peaceful days with Lila and this voice of covered face took him in those golden days, it was a hard task for him to tolerate situation so he went on the stage and bagged the girl to unveil her face. It was so shocking for him to discover the face of Lila behind the semi transparent fabrics that he fall down on floor and in the same moment died. All this happening proved a reason for the death of Lila at very same moment she fall on the side of Chanesar and respired for last.