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Manoharlal Nihalani

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About : Manoharlal Nihalani

Famous Sindhi Teacher - Writer - Stage & Radio Artist - Sindhi Drama Director

manohar_nihalaniThis might be the unique feature of the Sindhi literary world that a quite good number of devotees of Goddess Saraswati are always there to serve the Sindhi language and literature with their multi fielded and multi skilled talent. Ahmadabad native Shri Manoharlal Jaikrishndas Nihalani is one such Sindhi personality who has not only have received Prize five times for different books from Gujarat Sahitya Academy but also served as renowned writer and Sindhi Drama Director.

Born on 9 January 1940 at Mithyani Goath Nawab Shah Sindh, Manoharlal Nihalani is double M.A. [Hindi & Sindhi] B.Ed. and retired from the post of Vice Principal of Dr. Choithram Gidwani High School Ahmadabad.

Started with Children literature and translation Manoharlal Nihalani have credit of more than One and Half Dozen of books published so for. "Sindhi Sahitya Ja Sitara" and "Sindhi-a- Ja Aala Adib" are the titles of his more popular books which are also included in many libraries as the reference books.  He is founder and has worked as the General Secretary of famous Natak Group " Natya Kala Kendera" and have presented about twenty one act plays in Sindhi and Hindhi at various levels. He has bagged many Prizes even the legendary Sindhi Personality Dada Hundraj Dukhayal has also felicitated him during one literary program.       

Brief Introduction [Biography] Manoharlal Nihalani

Full Name 
Manoharlal Jaikrishndas Nihalani

Double M.A. [Hindi & Sindhi] B.Ed

City in India 

Birth Place 
Mithyani Goath Nawabshah Sindh

Sindhi Teacher

Date of Birth 
9 January 1940

Writer and Sindhi Drama Director

Literary Contribution – List of Books – Manoharlal Nihalani

List of books written and published [year wise] of Shri Manoharl Nihalani : - 

1981- Veer Balak :: 1982- To Bin Zindagi Adhoori Adhoori :: 1983 -Pyar Ain Police Chownky [Translation] :: 1984 - Sindhi Sahitya Ja Sitara :: 1986 - Vichitra Rajkumar, Shama Jalandi Rahi and Hua Manji Vayi [Translation] :: 1987 - Behtareen Kahaniyun [Translation] :: 1991- Pakhidiyal Gul and Pahinji Pahinji Zindagi [Translation] :: 1992 - Sindhi Bal Sahitya - Hik Nazar :: 1998 - Sindhi-a Ja Aala Adib :: 2001 - Choran Mathan Mor :: 2012 Muhinjo Vazud and Guldasto :: 2016- Bevasi and Aun Likhiyun Aakhaniyun 

Awards – Manoharlal Nihalani

Prize and award list of Shri Manoharlal Nihalani is inclusive of : -

Five Prizes for five different books from Gujarat Sahitya Academy
Prize from Central Hindi Directorate and HRD Ministry
Prize from Gujarat Sahitya Academy 1993-1194 for book Sindhi Bal Sahitya Hik Nazar
Prize by Prof. Ram Panjwani Literary and Cultural Central During Literary Seminar.