Everlasting Blessings of Mata Dadanbai & Dr. Premchand Manghirmalani

Mata Rani

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Mata Rani Temple Gandhinagar Kolhapur

mataraniThough in Gandhinagar, there are very few temples of Matarani but still the Navratri Festival is celebrated with all the devotion. A few Mandals are also celebrating the navratra on the same norms of Ganeshoutsav, Rupani family leads from the front. A small Temple of Devi Mata is situated at Bk. 46 Room No. 7 [which is being looked by Mata Jamuna Devi], have considerable Number of devotees. On the Ashtami Bhandara is also organised at this temple.

Navratra Festival

In the Hindu religion every God and Goddess are having a special worship period or day. Navratara : the worship for Nine Nights are related with the Goddess Jagdamba Mata Rani. In fact Navratra means the worship of Goddess in Nine Roops [Hindi] .In the West Bengal these Nine Days are celebrated as the Durga Pooja Festival and among theses days Calcutta is decorated as bride groom and if you are there at this time, you will be surprised to see the enthusiasm of Bengali people.

Every year Navratra are celebrated twice, Once at the juncture of, ending of rainy seasons and start of winter [ Shardayes Navratra ] and at the end of winter and start of summer [Basantik Navratra] but more importance is given to Navratra that are celebrated before the Diwali, the most celebrated festival not only of Hindus but also of India .

According to Hindu religious faith, When Goddess Durga was in the state of war with daitya [evil forces], all the Hindu Gods and Goddess transferred their power to her for winning the war. The war was lasted for Nine days and in fact these Nine days are celebrated as the Navratra. It is also said during these Nine days no other God or Goddess are in the position of fulfilling the prayer of devotee as their powers are with Mata Rani Jagdamba for these nine days.

In Gujarat state Garba is closely associated with Navratra Festival and during these days demands for "Chanya Choli " the tradition ladies dress of Gujrati people touches highest mark. Presently in India at many cities Garba Festivals or nights are arranged during these nine days.

Here at Kolhapur idol of Goddess at Mahalaxmi Temple, is decorated in different forms daily during the Navratra, The whole temple is decorated specially for the festivals and additional decorative lights are also used during these nine days.