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Maya Rahi

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About : Maya Rahi

Famous Sindhi Writer - Sindhi Woman - Sindhi Stories 
48th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2015

maya_rahiWhen on 16 February 2016 Trophy of Sahitya Academy Award was present to famous Sindhi woman story writer Maya Rahi she become the sixth women out the forty eight recipients [till date ] of this highest literary award for Sindhi. Most important thing that twice in last four years i.e. 2012 Indra Vaswani and 2015 Maya Rahi, two Sindhi women have bagged this award so definitely this will boost moral of young Sindhi Girls and women for writing Sindhi literature. Maya Rahi wife of Krishin Rahi, 1971 Sahitya Academy Award winner, has reached to yet another landmark as the couple become the third one in Sindhi literary world to be honored with this award.

Born in 1937  in Queeta Baluchistan Maya Rahi went on pass M.A., B.Ed. and has long illustrated educational career of 36 years before retiring has head of Department in 1996. Maya Rahi's literary journey was official started with her book "Mohabatt Jo Meenhun" a collection Sindhi stories but being wife of Krishin Rahi she was habituated of literary atmosphere at home as many of husband's friends like Narayn Shyam were visiting home.

When Maya Krishn Vachhani thought of writing instead of choosing a different pen name she decided to go with husband's pen name "Rahi".           

Literary Contribution – Maya Rahi

Maya Krishin Vachhani has adopted husband's pen name "Rahi" for her literary creations. List of books of Maya Rahi :- 

Mohabatt Jo Meenhun
Mahangi Murk 
All three are collection of Sindhi short stories.

Awards – Maya Rahi

Maya Rahi has been felicitated with country's highest literary award Sahitya Academy Award in Sindhi literature for her collection of Sindhi stories titled Mahani Murk in 2015.