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Momal Rano

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Tragic Romance of Sindh – Momal Rano

Sindhi Folk Story - Seven Queens of Shah - Shah Jo Risal

momal_ranoOne of the legendary love story which ended with tragic death of lovers was the talk of Sindhi homes for the several decades. Though young Sindhi, born after the partition of the country are not aware of Sindhi literature, just know that Momal Rano was a story of expression of immortal love. For all these young Sindhi here is the story of Momal Rano. This story is also part of Shah Jo Risalo and Momal is one among the seven queens of Sindh.

It was the sixth century, when King Nand of Mirpur Mathelo [District Sakhar] found a magical tooth of the swine and with the help of it he made all his precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects under grounded to protect his wealth from others. King Nand had nine daughters, including Momal the most beautiful and Somal the wisdom sky and intelligence horizon. King was quite about the magical swine tooth but there was a magician who knows about it. Once when King was away the magician came to palace asking for the magical swine tooth so he can recover from the deadly disease. Merciful Momal not aware of the secret of tooth handed over it to magician.

On return when king learned about it, he wanted to kill Momal but Somal suggest that she can regain the wealth loosed with the help of Momal. With the knowledge of magic Somal have, she build a maize and Kaak Castle with full of illusions at Ludano in the Jaisalmer district. Somal along with her sister Momal started living there. It was announced that anyone who cross maize and all the illusion to reach the bedroom with seven identical beds and sit on the real one will win and get married with Momal. Many have tried but no one was successful. Somal was taking their wealth and handing over it to her father.

At that time Umarkot of Thar district was ruled by the last ruler of the Saoomaro clan, Hameer Soomro, who from a yogi learned about the beautyful and illusionary Kaak castle of Momal. He decided to try his luck and went there with three trusted ministers. This was the wisdom and bravery of Rano Mendro, one of the minister and Brother-in-law of the King which allowed him to cross all the obstacles and meet with Momal. Both Momal and Rano were finding intense love for each others. It is said that both have sent a few nights at this palace in Ludano. Rano was forced to return Umarkot by the King and two other ministers waiting outside the palace.

Rano had promised King not to meet with Momal again but he couldn’t kept his promise as with the help of fast camel he started to visit Ludano and return back to Umarkot before daybreak.

When King learned about this, Rano was sent to prison again. Momal was finding life aimless without Rano, she asked her sister Somal to dress like Rano and live with her. One such night Rano visited and seeing Momal sleeping with someone else feel cheated and betrayed he left momal’s room, keeping his beautiful signatory walking stick there so in the morning Momal can learn about his visit.

Next morning Momal learned about the happening of last night and repented her foolishness. She waited long for the visit of Rano but it was result less. After that Momal decided to go to Umarkot. She constructed a palace just opposite of residential place of Rano, who by this time has become commerce minister. Momal disguise like a rich merchant and started living there. Soon a friendship bond was build between this merchant and Rano.

One day while playing the chess Rano saw the birth mark of Momal and identify her, she explained about what Rano has seen at Mumal’s palace and begged for forgive her. When after several requests Rano refused to forgive her she thought there is no sense in living a life without Rano. Momal decided to scarify into a pyre, only after that Rano realize the true love she had for him. Rano also jumped into same pyre.

As this was the tragic end of lives of Momal and Rano hence this is part of tragic romance of Sindh.