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About Nagpur

Nagpur the biggest city of Vidharbha region and ninth largest urban town of India, is the place where every year winter season of Maharashtra State Legislative Assembly is conducted hence Nagpur is also known as the second capital of Maharashtra. In the Sindhi world Nagpur is known for the Jari Pataka & Khamla Sindhi Camp.  Nagpur also have yet another unique Sindhi identity as here Cheti chand is celebrated as Sindhu Mukati Divas and 14 th August as the Sindh Remembrance Day.  Sindhis have given new identity of being the most busy trade center to Orange city Nagpur.  

Nagpur Sindhi Population

Estimated Sindhi population of Nagpur city is a figure Beyond 1,00,000 [One Lakh ] . Needless to say that most of population is concentrated at Jari Pataka Sindhi Camp and Khamla though areas like Central Avenue, Mahal, Vaishali Nagar, Ahuja Nagar, Mokosbag, Hasapuri, Ashok Nagar, Panch Pawali, Shanti Nagar, Chhapru Nagar, Queta Colony, Lakadganj, and Kampti also have considerable Sindhi population.

Famous Sindhis : Nagpur

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Devidas Virwani
Dilip Savlani
Ghansham Kukreja
Harilal Vidhani
Harumal Abhichandani
Khemchand Balwani
Kishor Gehani

Madhavdas Aiylani
Nanakram Ahuja
Narayandas Ruchdani
Narendra Karamchandani
Prakash Totwani
P J Dara
Shobha Bhagia

Shrichand Ochani
Sureshlal Bhojwani
Sureshlal Jagyasi
Tulsi Sethiya
Tulsidas Khishlani
Vijay Kewalramani
Vikki Rughvani
Vinod Motwani

Sindhi Shan : Nagpur

These are glittering jewels of crown of Sindhi Samaj of Nagpur. We will keep on updating and including more sindhi personalities from all walks of life and associated with Nagpur city. To read more Nagpur Sindhi Shan page

Sindhi Doctors

Gurbani Dr. Divya
Gurbani Dr Naresh Shamsundar

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C A & Advocate

Adv Kalyani Sushil

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Sindhi Panchayat Nagpur

Nag Vidarbha Central Sindhi Panchayat Jari Pataka is working as the apex body of various Sindhi Panchayats functional at Nagapur which are as many as 34 and according to Shri Vijay Kewalramani still 2-3 more Sindhi Panchayats are there which are not registered with this apex body. Out of these 34 Sindhi Panchayats 18 are working at Jari Pataka and strangely just one at Khamla.

This huge number of Sindhi Panchayat has forced us to make three pages for Sindhi Panchayts in Nagpur namely

Nag Vidarbh Central Sindhi Panchayat
Sindhi Panchayats in Nagpur
Sindhi Panchayats in Jari Pataka camp

Just Click on name to get details about any of Sindhi Panchayat.  

If any Sindhi Panchayat of Nagpur wish to have individual page do contact us for it. 

This is responsibility of office bearers of the Panchayat concern to inform us about change as & when it take place so we can update info accordingly. 

Sindhi Dharamshala at Nagpur

Bhagat Kanwar Ram Sindhi Dharam Shala, Teen Nal Chowk, Gandhi Bag
Shri Hiranand Sindhi Dharam Shala, Zeri Phatka Sindhi Colony
Shri Manghanmal Vensimal Sindhi Dharam Shala, Lal Ganj
Shri Gharai Sindhi Panchayati Hall, Koyata Colony
Moolchand Vadhanmal Sachdev Dharam Shala, Nr. Mahatma Gandhi School

Other Sindhi Institutions at Nagpur

Vidarbh Sindhi Vikas Parishad
Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha
Sindhi Mukti Sanghtan

Last Updated 10 March 2016 More info will be added very shortly.

The Sindhu World Directory Nagpur

City wise Data base of Sindhi in India - TSW Sindhu Directory App - is launched on 10 April 2017 The Golden Anniversary Day of inclusion of Sindhi language to Indian Constitution. To include your personal & Business Details in TSW Sindhu Directory App Fill the Directory Form. Click here for free download of App

Sindhi Press Nagpur

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