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Nand Javeri

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Biography – Nand Javeri

Famous Sindhi – Writer Poet 
49th Awardee of Sindhi Sahitya Academy Award 2016

nand_javeriThis was the 21 day of December 2016, when the Sahitya Akademy has announced the national literary awards for the year, which has bought great pleasure for the Mumbai based businessmen story writer poet Nand Javeri as he was on the list of awardees for his book Akhar Katha.

Born on 1 July 1937 at Shikarpur Sindh Nandlal has just crossed the boundary of teen age when he along with several thousand other Hindu was forced to cross the newly laid border came in existence because of the partition of the country. He and his family were moved to Mumbai [Bombay at that time] and started business for getting rooted again.

Pains of migration suffered by Nandlal Javeri find a kind of relief when he started to learn and follow Vedanta and Sufism which are the two major driving influences not just for the literature written by him but also his day to day life.

In the literary world of Sindhi he is considered as voice of Sufism and Vedanta since his entrance in 1959 as short story writer and poet. His first book Nanga Khet Hik Raat, a story collection was published in 1960. Educated up B.A. Nandlal has good command over Sindhi, Hindi and English has also served the Sindhi literature as translator.

In the Mumbai Nand Javeri is associated with Akhal Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahit Sabha, which has felicitated him with an award in 2013. Beside the short stories and poems Nand Javeri is also renowned for critic’s eye and literary articles. He has also worked as Guest Editor for prestigious magazine Koonj for two special issues on Sundari Uttamchandani [1986 Sahitya Academi Award Winner] and Shokat Shoro.

Nandlal Javeri – Books

Major books of Nand Javeri are
1960 – Nanga Khet Hik Raat
1990 – Chau Wate Te
2012 – Akhar Katha

Nand Javeri – Awards

1991 – Central Hindi Directorate and Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha
2013 – Akhal Bharat Sindhi Boli and Sahit Sabha
2016 – Sindhi Sahitya Akademy Award