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Narain Hingorani

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narain_hingoraniSindhi Scientist : Narain Hingorani

Often Sindhi community is treated as the strongest business minded community and in most of the situations is even blamed for not much attentive towards the educational achievements and producing successful professionals , but if we look at works and success of Narain Hingorani, surely any one will say this view point is not more than a myth. In fact Sindhi community is the blessed human society and always work hard to find and occupy the top status, whatever may be the work field area.

After Completing B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Baroda University in the year 1953, Shri Narain Hingorani joined "Bombay Electricity Board" but served for just two years only as in the year 1955 he flew to England for higher studies at University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology from where he completed M. Sc. [1957] and Ph.D. [1961] and went on to earn D.Sc. in the year 1964. As a professional he worked as lecturer at England’s Loughborough University and Salford University during the 1960s and also worked for six years as senior scientist at Bonneville Power Administration in the U. S. He worked for twenty long years [1974 to 1994] with Electric Power Research Institute in California of whom he was vice president for five years.

Hingorani started, his own consulting business in the development of power electronics and devices, and the application of power electronics to transmission, distribution, industrial power, and marine power systems, after retirement and created many mile stones of success.

Achievements & Awards

He is a life fellow of IEEE and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. Hingorani's significant achievements are in the area of conceptualization and pioneering advancement of the FACTS and Custom Power in electric power systems, and for outstanding technical contributions in High Voltage Direct Current Technology, which have enhanced the quality and security of the electric power system. He is also recipient of Bower Award [2006] and Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has decided to salute his work by naming their awards as “Nari Hingorani FACTS Award” and the “Nari Hingorani Custom Power Award”.

At present Hingorani is stalled at Los Altos Hills, California and still working. We at The Sindhu World feel honored to include details of personalities like him and like to conclude with

"Hazaroon Saal Nargis Apani Benoori par Roti Hai
Badi Mushkil se Paida Hota Hai Chaman Ka didawar Koi."